How to delete Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox App

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For ease of use, many applications allow registration and login via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Google accounts. Each application has lifetime access to your accounts or personal information, unless you delete it.

It is recommended that you check these third-party applications at least once a month to determine which services you are currently using and which are no longer being used for other purposes.

Revoke permissions

You need to ask yourself why some applications still have access to your accounts – well, you gave them permission. You see, every time you use a web service or online application that requires your account, the application doesn’t really ask you for your password, but access to your OAuth. There is a prompt that seems to ask for your permission, and if you agree, the applications automatically access your account. The account’s website gives the web service or application a token it can use to continue and access your account.

You may keep your password even if you have given your authorization. You can also restrict or restrict access to certain data in your account when prompted. It should be noted that you can easily forget which applications and web services have access to your accounts. You may have tried a game or application years ago and forgotten it – but it still has access to your account.

You can try changing passwords, but this will not work if you remove permissions from the application. The key is to remove access to these applications as soon as you no longer use them.

To manually revoke access to third-party applications, do the following:

Remove Facebook permissions

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1] Log into your Facebook account.

2] Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and click Settings. In the list on the left, click Apps. This opens page App Permissions.

3] This page displays the list of applications to which you are connected with your Facebook account. Click x depending on the application you want to remove, then click Remove to remove permissions for that application.

You can also click Apps Permissions for applications you are not using.

Remove Google App permissions

1] Go to page App Permissions. The link to the Google Application Permissions page is here.

2] Click the applications you are not using. It is developed and shows the details.

3] Click Delete.

Revoke Twitter permissions

1] Click on your profile image in the upper right corner.

2] Select Settings and Privacy from the displayed list.

3] In the list on the left, click Apps. The list of applications to which you are connected with your Twitter account is displayed.

2] Click Revoke Access next to the applications you are not using.

LinkedIn App Remove permissions


1] Click on your profile image at the top right, then on Settings and privacy in the list.

2] In the list on the left, click Partners and Third Parties and select the applications you want to delete.

3] Click Remove.(2)

Dropbox App Revoke Permissions

1] Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and click Settings on your dropbox account.

2] On the Security tab, scroll to section Apps Linked.

3] Click the button x that corresponds to the applications to delete them.

Hope this helps!

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