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Fix Apple Inc. .DLL Errors

Resolve .dll problems in three simple steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Fortect.
  2. Run Fortect to scan for missing or corrupt .dll files.
  3. Apply the fixes suggested by Fortect and restart your program.
Apple Mobile Device Support
Boot Camp Services
Apple Application Support
Apple Software Update
Windows Migration Assistant
Compatibilidad con Aplicaciones de Apple
Bonjour Print Services
iPhone Configuration Utility
Supporto applicazioni Apple
iPod for Windows 2005-09-23
VoiceOver Kit
Suporte para Aplicativos Apple
Applen ohjelmatuki
DVD or CD Sharing
MobileMe Control Panel
QuickTime SDK
QuickTime MPEG2
Assistant Migration Windows
iPod for Windows
iPod Reset Utility
Servizi Boot Camp
Pro Evolution Soccer version Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
Configuratiescherm MobileMe
Partage de CD ou DVD
Bonjour SDK
Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder
Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP
Apple Keyboard Support
QuickTime 7
mDNSResponder 214
Apple iTunes
Apple Application Support GM
Apple Application Support 32-bit
Apple Application Support 64 bits
Apple Application Support 32 bits
Suporte para Aplicativos Apple Apple 64-bit
Suporte para Aplicativos Apple 32-bit
Supporto applicazioni Apple 64 bit
Supporto applicazioni Apple 32 bit
Apple-programvaresupport 64-bits
Apple-programvaresupport 32-bits
Applen ohjelmatuki 64-bittinen
Applen ohjelmatuki 32-bittinen
Panneau de configuration MobileMe
Bonjour 04041
iPod Support
Bonjour SDK
Mac mini Mac OS X Install DVD
Mac OS X Snow Leopard