Avid Technology, Inc.

Fix Avid Technology, Inc. .EXE Errors

Solve your .exe problems in three easy steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Fortect.
  2. Run a full scan to identify any .exe related errors.
  3. Apply the recommended fixes and restart your computer.
Hollywood FX Volumes 1-3
Pinnacle Studio 16
Pinnacle Studio 16 - Standard Content Pack
Premium Pack Volumes 1-2
Title Extreme
ScoreFitter Volumes 1-2
Avid DVD by Sonic
Avid EDL Manager
Avid FilmScribe
Avid License Control
Avid Log Exchange
Avid Media Composer
Avid MediaLog
Creative Pack Volume 1
Avid Effects
Avid HD Driver x64
Avid Mbox 2 USB Drivers x64
Avid Virtual Instruments
Digidesign Strike 1.5.0
Avid Audio Drivers x64
Avid Studio
Avid DIO Runtime
Avid Core Runtime
Avid Pro Tools Creative Collection 8.0.4
Avid Pro Tools LE 8.0.4
Free DigiRack Plug-Ins 8.0.3
Creative Pack Volume 2
Torq 2
Avid Command 8 Driver x64
Avid 002 and 003 Driver x64
Avid MIDI IO Driver x64
Avid MetaSync
Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.0.3
Sibelius 7 First
Avid Editor Transcode
Avid Reverb One
Avid Reel Tape Suite
Avid Interplay Transfer Client
Avid Interplay Transfer Engine
Avid Mbox 2 Pro Driver x86
Avid Channel Strip
Avid Symphony
Avid MetaFuze
Avid Mbox Pro Driver 1.0.11 x86
Avid Mbox Mini Driver 1.0.6 x86
Avid Mbox Driver 1.0.19 x86
Digidesign ElevenRack Driver 1.0.8 x86
TL AutoPan 8.0
TL Utilities 8.0
Avid Mbox 2 USB Drivers x86
Avid Codecs LE
Avid Complete Production Toolkit 2
Digidesign HFS+ Disk Support
Avid X-Form
Avid Moogerfooger Bundle
Avid Tel-Ray Variable Delay
Avid Xpress Pro
Avid Interplay Access
Digidesign Audio Drivers
PostDeko for Editors x64
Avid ReVibe
Avid FlexNet Device Manager
Avid Xpress Pro HD
Avid 002 Rack and 003 Rack Driver x64
Avid TL Space Native
Avid Smack!
Avid Sound Replacer
Avid ProLimiter
Avid DX 64 Bit Driver
Avid JOEMEEK Bundle
Avid Impact
Avid Aphex Systems
Avid Eleven Rack Editor
Avid Application Manager
Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4
Digidesign Free Bomb Factory Plug-Ins 7.4
Digidesign Shared Plug-Ins 7.4
AIR Plugins
Avid Application Manager Helper
Avid Eleven
Avid Cloud Client Services
Avid Studio Reverb
Avid Tape Echo
Avid Flanger
Avid Gray Compressor
Avid Black Op Distortion
Avid Vibe Phaser
Avid BBD Delay
Avid C1 Chorus/Vibrato
Avid Roto Speaker
Avid Black Spring
Avid Green JRC Overdrive
Avid DC Distortion
Avid Tri-Knob Fuzz
Avid Black/Shiny Wah
Avid White Boost
Avid Orange Phaser
Avid Space
Avid Eleven Lite
Avid Audio MME Binder
Avid Editor Database Engine
Avid Editor Media Services Engine
Avid Editor Transcode Status
Avid HD Driver (x64)
Avid HIIP BMP Loader
Avid Interplay Assist
Avid Interplay Media Indexer
Avid Log Exchange
Avid Machine Monitoring Service
Avid Media Composer
Avid MediaLog
Avid Search Service
Avid Service Starter Service
Avid Symphony
Avid Technology, Inc. AvidSDMService
Avid Unity ISIS
Avid Xpress DV
Dazzle DVDRecorder HD
Hollywood FX Volumes 1-3
Media Composer 8.4.4
NewBlue Titler Pro 2 for Avid
Pro Tools
Pro Tools CD Ripping Service
Pro Tools®
Sibelius First Music Notation Software
Sibelius Student
Sorenson Squeeze Pro 10 Trial
Studio HD
Third-Party Application