Fix 0xC10100BF This File Isn’t Playable in Windows 10

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Do you get the error 0xc10100bf when reading files? You got to the right place! This article will tell you everything you need to know about the 0xc10100bf bug and how to fix it without much effort.

Many users encounter 0xc10100bf when trying to play back files on their computer. So, if you are facing the same problem and do not know what to do, let us first find out what the error is and why it occurs.

What is the 0xc10100bf error?

If you are trying to play a video and you get a 0xc10100bf error on your screen, it means that your video is in an unsupported file format, has an incorrect file extension or is damaged. This error may occur for different reasons.

This error has nothing to do with your computer or Windows installation. However, this error may occur due to an incorrect file. There are many possibilities, first of all, the file you are trying to play is corrupted. Try to play the file on another computer for confirmation.

If you think your file is correct, there may be a problem with the format. Or the format may be correct, but the codec used to compress that file is not supported. There may be endless possibilities.

Reasons why you might encounter the 0xc10100bf error?

  • Incompatible media player
  • Video does not work
  • Incorrect file extension

Reinstall the program that causes problems

Troubleshooting may not solve all problems for you. So try to solve the problem by completely reinstalling the application. This way you can re-install all the associated files into the application and make sure that it works properly. However be sure to use reliable sources. You can also try different players, as there are many free video format players available.

Check the supported file format to fix the 0xC10100BF bug (this file is unreadable).

You can verify that the file format is specific and supported by Windows Media Player or other applications. You can convert a file to what you need if you know that your file is not in the right format.

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Play the file on another computer

If your computer reports “This file cannot be read”, the file you are trying to play may be faulty. So if you see the error code 0x10100be, the first thing you should do is to check if you can play your file on another device. Otherwise, the file is corrupted or broken. In this case replace the faulty file with a new copy – this is certainly the easiest option.

Update the codecs

Codecs obviously play an important role in file playback. Therefore, expired codec versions may cause this error. In Windows Media Player, follow the steps below to update the codecs:

  • Run Windows Media Player on your system and select “Tools” from the menu.
  • Now click on the “Options” button.
  • Now, in the “Player” category, check the “Automatically load codecs” checkbox and select it.
  • Finally, click OK to continue.

Scan your computer for malware

If you get a 0x10100be error code every time you double-click a video file on your computer, your computer may be infected with malware. Although this is the worst-case scenario, don’t worry! Above all, your Windows 10 operating system has its own security tool. It is called the Windows Protector and is widely known as a fairly decent application. You can find it in the application “Settings”: from there click “Update and security”, select the option “Windows Protector” and click “Open Windows Protector”.

In this blog we discussed the error 0xc10100be. We discussed what causes this error, and how the user can get rid of this error. We discussed some solutions that can be used to fix this bug. I hope you will find this blog useful.

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