Fix COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 5761: Unrecoverable Error

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Dev error 5761 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare occurs on PC when some users try to start the game via Steam, or when they use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or similar tool to stream the game over the Internet.

If you get Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 5761 every time you play, this guide should help you. Below you will find the most common causes of this problem and the solutions we have gathered from all over the internet over the last few months. We hope that one of these fixes will work for you.

What are the reasons for the error 5761 when calling the caller on duty?

There are a number of different factors that can cause this error. The most common suspects are corrupted game files, third-party software, corrupted GPU drivers or software problems.

  • Damaged game files.
  • Bad third-party applications.
  • Outdated GPU drivers.
  • Unknown or accidental operating system error.

GPU upgrade

On March 19, Nvidia and AMD released an update of their graphics cards, which fixed a number of errors in Call of Duty. If you are still using an old or outdated driver, install the latest drivers by downloading them directly from the official website or through the GeForce experience for Nvidia users. In most cases, the 5761 bug will be fixed with a driver update. It is recommended to perform the installation manually, i.e. go to the manufacturer’s website, download and install the latest copy. After the installation is complete, reboot your computer to apply the changes and play them back.

Turn off the cross-display

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So far there is no specific information or reasons that really cause problems in this game. However, disabling the cross-game option may most likely solve this problem for some players, as it may be one of the reasons why the game falls on a Windows PC. To disable the cross-game option, follow these steps :

  • Proceed to the options of the game.
  • Click the “Account” tab > Change the “Cross Preview” option to “Disable”.
  • Restart the game and see if the problem has been solved or not.

If it is not, follow these steps.

Perform a scan and repair

For users who play the game with a customer, you can use the scanning and repair tool. This feature of the application allows you to identify and correct minor errors in the game. We hope that the bug 5761 in the game will be corrected by scanning and fixing. On the main launch page of > click on the game Warzone in the list > click Settings > select Scan and repair. Let the process finish and try to play the game.

Change the priority of the COD process

  • Call for duty: modern warfare
  • Use the Alt key to return to the desktop
  • Press the Control+Alt+Del keys to open Task Manager.
  • Find Call of Duty: Modern Warfare process as shown in the attached screenshot and change it from High to Normal.
  • Start the broadcast with OBS.

Turn off the game overlay

If this error occurs when trying to use programs such as OBS or Nvidia Highlights, it is probably a common glitch that causes the game to crash when saving the screen or when the screen overlay is detected on the screen.

Infinity Ward has released several patches for this release, but some users still report the problem.

Fortunately, if the problem is caused by two conflicting overlay tools, you should be able to solve it by disabling a minor overlay in the game or completely removing the tool. In most cases, a conflict occurs either between OBS and Nvidia Experience, or between OBS and the Discord In-Game overlay.

Set the lower gap parameters

We all try to always increase the graphics settings and activate all game options to get the most out of the game. In most cases, however, this can lead to slowdown of the gameplay, image falling, crashes, hiccups, slowdown of reaction, graphic errors and even game crashes. So don’t forget to adjust your game settings to medium or low for optimal performance.

You can also set the FPS (frames per second) limit to 60 until you get an official patch or permanent solution. To do this :

  • Reduce your FPS settings to 60 frames per second.
  • Change the texture of the game from high mode to normal mode.

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