Fix No App Found to Open URL Error on Android Google Search

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The applications on the lookout are important and are more and more important every day, both with Google, but also with Bing and even Apple.

But there seems to be a problem with some Android users using the Google Search application where clicking on a search result does not download the application.

A new thread started this week in Google Web Search Help and Reddit have users on Android complaining that they click on search results in the Google Search application and then get an error message “No App Found To Open URL”.

This is not the first time we have seen such a problem, it also happened in 2013, probably more often.

But there is now a sharp increase in complaints from users on Android who expect their applications to open because of their request for the corresponding content, but instead get the error message “No application found to open URL”.

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What is the cause of the “No app found to open URL” error?

  • Preferences issue: There is a feature in Android that allows users to configure an application that is preferred when opening a certain type of link. However, this feature has an error that causes the error “No application found to open the URL”.
  • Application disabled: In some cases, the user may have disabled some system applications to save battery or disk space, but this may cause a failure if the application is an integral part of the operating system. Some applications, such as Google Play Store and Browser, should not be disabled because they are integrated with many system features.

Restarting the phone

Rebooting (or restarting) a twisted Android device solves problems ranging from freezing or crashing applications to slowing down the device itself to crawl. A common misconception is that our tablet or smartphone turns off when we press the power button on the side or leave it inactive for a while, but that only puts the Android device in standby mode.

A correct restart will close all open applications and clear the device’s memory. However, with so many different smartphones and Android tablets, the restart process is not always easy.

The easiest way to restart your tablet or smartphone is to press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The power switch is usually located on the right side of the unit.

After a few seconds, you should see a menu with the option Disable. If you have the latest version of the Android operating system, you may have other options, including rebooting. It is better to choose Restart if it is available, but if it is not, don’t worry. The only real difference between turning off and restarting is that you must press the power button again when the screen is turned off. You may need to press and hold this button for three to five seconds before turning the power back on.

Checking deactivated applications

Some applications are pre-installed with the mobile phone, some of them are an integral part of the stability of the operating system. Therefore, in this step, we will search for all system applications that have been disabled. For that:

  1. Drag the notification field down and click on the setting speed.
  2. Scroll down and select the “Apps” option.
  3. Click on the Application Manager option.
  4. Make sure that any system application, especially the “Browser” and “Google Play Store”, is disabled.
  5. If they are disabled, click on the button to activate them.
  6. After activating the applications, check to see if the problem persists.

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