Fixed: WdFilter.sys Blue Screen of Death Error

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  2. Let it scan your computer.
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Run the blue screen troubleshooter.
update drivers.
Disconnect all external USB peripherals/devices.
Run an SFC scan.
Run a DISM scan.
Perform a system restore.

WdFilter. sys originally comes from the Windows 8 Pro operating system, but is also used in every version of the Windows 10 operating system. It is one of the system files associated with the Windows Mini-Filter Defender driver. The original location is %WinDir%\\system32\\drivers\\WdFilter.

In the Select Screen option, select Troubleshoot.
Click on more options.
Click Launch Options.
Click the Reload button.
After the computer restarts, press F4 or the 4 key to enter Safe Mode.

You keep Windows 10 up to date
Roll back the old version of Nvidia drivers.
Use a third-party BSoD fix tool.
Update your drivers.
Overclock your video card.
Reset Windows 10.
Check your equipment.
Reset driver check.


Are you faced with WdFilter.sys Blue Screen of Death Error under Windows 10 when you boot your PC? Basically, it is a system file developed by Microsoft that is associated with the Windows Defender Mini-Filter driver. This error occurs in the system due to the damaged display driver. This error is also called SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (wdfilter.sys).

wdfilter.sys bsod

Without files like WdFilter.sys, you couldn’t even perform simple tasks like printing a document. You can fix the problem by updating or completely disabling some of the solutions listed below, such as the Windows Defender security definitions.

Activate Safe Mode Start or Enable Low Resolution Video


Try networking to boot in safe mode or enable low resolution video.

Hold down the Shift key while clicking Restart on the login screen (bottom right corner).

  1. Select Troubleshooting and click Advanced Options.
  2. Select Start Settings and click Restart.
  3. After restarting, select Enable Safe Mode with Network Video or Low Resolution.

Also check the Device Manager and search for display adapters.

  • If you see 2 dots under Display Adapter, turn off the built-in graphics card (e.g. Intel HD 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 4200) and restart. (Try the opposite if it doesn’t work).
  • If you see 1 item under Display Adapter, cancel the driver or uninstall the display adapter in Device Manager and enable the option to remove the driver software.

Updating Windows Defender


Windows Defender on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 is configured to automatically download and install definition updates once a day using Windows Update. If for any reason your Windows Defender does not update automatically, or if you want to download and save definition updates to possibly update Windows Defender offline on different Windows 10/8/7/Vista installations, do the following.

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  1. Check Windows version (32 or 64 bits)
  2. Then visit the official website to download the latest Windows Defender updates.
  3. Once the update file has been downloaded, navigate to the download folder containing the update and double-click to install it.

Disable Windows Defender and Turn Real-time Protection Off


  1. Click a button on the menu bar that looks like a small up arrow. Look for a sign symbol.
  2. If you have not found this icon, simply type Windows Defender in the Windows search (click on the Start menu and type this expression in the search box at the bottom of the menu).
  3. Once you have opened Windows Defender, navigate to its settings.
  4. You must disable real-time protection.

Using Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier monitors Windows kernel and graphics drivers for illegal function calls or actions that could damage the system. Driver Verifier can expose Windows drivers to a variety of loads and tests to find inappropriate behavior.

You can run Driver Verifier on multiple drivers simultaneously or on a single driver. You can configure the tests to be run, allowing you to subject a driver to heavy loads or streamline tests.

I hope all this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we’ll be happy to help.

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