Fixing CPU Fan Error on BIOS (Solved)

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The CPU fan speed error is a common error due to the use of liquid cooling rather than a normal air cooling method in our systems.

This method is a bypass to the sensor because older systems do not have an AIO Cooler connector on the motherboard and the CPU fan header does not provide enough continuous power to keep the pump running at 100%.

How the CPU fan error occurs

The CPU fan error often occurs when a Windows PC starts or starts, not when it is used regularly when Windows is running. The text of the error message generally appears as one of the following options:

  • “Error: CPU Fan Has Failed!”
  • “CPU Fan Error”

Fixed CPU fan error in BIOS

In the following, we will perform some necessary steps to run your CPU fan. We will start with the simplest solutions, then move on to those that require you to remove the case from your computer. Remember that if you are not comfortable with your computer’s internal hardware, it is best to consult a repair professional.

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Hardware troubleshooting

Before performing any work, make sure you are familiar with unscrewing your PC and checking the operation of the fans. If you do not have the basic knowledge, we recommend that you take your system to a technician near you and have it inspected. Please follow these instructions in turn to ensure that the fan is not damaged.

  1. Turn off your computer, then remove the glass from your CPU case to expose all fans connected to the motherboard.
  2. Then make sure that all fan cables are properly connected and that there are no loose cables.
  3. Turn on your system and do not replace the glass. Observe the fans carefully to see if they are not rotating.
  4. If you find a fan that does not rotate and you have made sure that the proper cables are connected properly, it means that the fan is damaged and you must replace it.
  5. If all the fans are working properly, congratulations. Your fans do not appear to be physically damaged and the error message appears due to a software error.

Correction of software errors

Disable USB ports in BIOS

After making sure that the problem is not related to the hardware, reassemble everything and restart your computer to apply the BIOS settings. All current Windows computers can access the BIOS configuration utility by pressing F10 during the boot process.

The BIOS allows you to configure most of the hardware functions of your computer, including the fan on your CPU. In addition to the diagnosis, we can also change the fan speed.

On the BIOS Utility screen, use the left and right arrows to navigate through the options. Go to Advanced Settings > Hardware Monitor > CPU Fan. Then, follow these settings:

  • Active Heat Sink: Enabled
  • Passive Heat Sink: Disabled
  • Fan Duct with Fan: Enabled
  • Fan Duct without Fan: Disabled

Save and exit your configuration changes. Your computer restarts.

If the error message persists, return to the BIOS and set the fan speed to between 300 and 600 rpm.

And if the error message still appears, it means that there is a problem with your fan. Replace the fan with a new one.

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