Top 5 free personal web hosting pages

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Personal websites or blogs don’t take up much space and so there are many hosting providers who have a free plan that you can use. However, free plans have many limitations such as low bandwidth, limitation on the number of pages you can create, and lack of an appropriate support system. However, there are some web hosting sites that are the best, even with limitations. Here is a list of the 5 best free personal hosting sites (with comments) according to their characteristics. I also took their popularity into account when creating the list.

Free personal web hosting


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I would put Weebly first, although it has its own limitations. The reason for the placement in the first place is that it offers you very good characteristics. I guess it has the best website builder, which is easier to use compared to other website builders hosting providers. The elements are explicit and all you have to do is drag and drop them onto the web pages and edit them according to your needs. It has different rules for page titles and referencing. You can also have a blog with static pages. The blog comes with a rich and easy-to-use text editor. You can add a custom domain name to your website at no extra cost (of course, you must purchase the domain name separately or through Weebly) or you can simply use a Weebly subdomain. There are also some restrictions. The most visible would be the footer that appears on the published web pages and reveals that you created the web page on Weebly. You do not have FTP access and the site editor does not allow you to download audio or video, but you can integrate it (with Soundcloud and YouTube) into your free account.


  1. Easy to use Website Builder
  2. (14)
  3. Drag & Drop interface
  4. No limit to web pages/sites
  5. Possibility to add your own domain name without paying anything more (you have to buy the domain name yourself)
  6. Blog in addition to static pages
  7. Many pre-made templates, which can be customized if you know a small code
  8. Quick access to help and support


  1. Published websites show ads at the bottom of the page that you cannot remove if you are not paid.
  2. No FTP.


WIX is also a website builder that does not provide FTP. The Site Builder is a little less user-friendly than Weebly. The Site Builder supports drag and drop and customization. There are hundreds of models to choose from. If you know some code, you can customize the templates for yourself or you can create a template from scratch and upload it to Wix, both for personal use and for use by others. One of the disadvantages is advertising, which shows you that you have published the site with WIX. The other disadvantage is that you need to be with a paid plan to use your own custom domain. The free will not display any option to add your own domain as far as I know (I tried to check it and I didn’t find any option). Because it is based on web site creation software, you do not have access to FTP, which means that you must create and edit the web site using web site creation software.


  1. Many templates to choose from
  2. Easy customization of templates if you know encoding
  3. Quick help and support
  4. SEO optimization options available
  5. (14)
  6. Drag and drop Website Builder allows people without knowledge of website encoding, to create their own Web sites


      1. No FTP support
      2. Advertising on the published site, which indicates that the site is pow pow Ted.


      1. No site builder, so you need to understand how it works to create the site there is a step-by-step wizard, but it is not enough for advanced operations.
      2. Few prebuilt templates
      3. No FTP
      4. The user needs time to become familiar with the interface

The above list is my list of reports from the best free personal hosts . Please share your thoughts with us.

WordPress could have replaced Blogger if it had not charged to link pages to a custom domain. There are annual fees in addition to domain fees, so I preferred bloggers to WordPress.

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