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Microsoft is a huge company with offices almost everywhere in the world. Their demand is therefore high. This means many vacancies and an opportunity for you to work for Microsoft – if you apply and are selected. That’s what we’re talking about in this post – how to get a job at Microsoft or rather, how to increase your chances of working for Microsoft.

How to get a job at Microsoft

When we talk about many openings, we think there are many – but scattered around the world. The interview process at Microsoft is also considered one of the most difficult. The random application will only work if you are lucky. This article explains how you can apply and gives you tips on how to get lucky at the same time!

Setup at Microsoft – Startup

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The best place to start your job search to land at Microsoft is the Microsoft Careers website. On the website, you will find not only information about jobs, but also additional information about working at Microsoft, the company, etc..

You can go directly to the – Apply Now – tab and search for the type of job you are looking for. Personally, I think this is the last step to take when you are on the site. First, take the time to learn more about Microsoft’s business. If on the Microsoft career site, go to the second tab / link say Meet Microsoft . The first link on this tab is an abstract view of Microsoft’s benefits. This is not very important if you are already a Microsoft fan and you know you want to work for Microsoft.

The second and third tabs – namely Our activities and Our offices Our locations – are indispensable. Visit Our Business at Microsoft Careers to learn more about the variety of activities you can find at Microsoft. As outsiders, most of us know that Microsoft is simply a software company. The Our Business page shows how and what all Microsoft processes and sub-processes work. Understanding existing processes will help you decide where to apply when looking for a job with now(2)

Checking office locations

Going through Our offices Our offices will help you get an idea of where you can work. Of course, it is not possible that the job of your dreams is permanently available at the location you have chosen. You have to compromise. If you want to work for Microsoft, you should reconsider your decision based on the location. When you check the premises, you can even calculate the cost of frequent visits to your family home. Among other factors, you should also check how difficult or simple it would be to adapt to the culture of different places – especially the desired location.

In the Our Store and Locations section, you will find a lot of information to create a list of three or four roles and locations. Therefore, I recommend reading it before moving on to Apply Now.

Microsoft Job Search

Once you know the roles and locations available, go to Find Your Fit Tab: Occupation and technologies. The link Profession allows you to discover the positions to be filled, according to the type of role you would like to play in your career at Microsoft. The Technologies link helps you find a job based on what you want to work on. The following screenshot shows which technologies (as of June 29, 2013) are available at Microsoft. You can click on a technology on the left and get Details on right side.

When you click on roles, you get a list of roles like – administration, customer service, finance, marketing, etc. When you click on a role, the main responsibilities you must assume for that role are described.

Preparing to apply at Microsoft

Find Your Fit gives you an idea of how to write your CV and cover letter. For both tabs of the page, note the keywords and the keywords related to the type of job you are looking for at Microsoft.

Use these keywords in your resume and cover letter so that your application is easily accessible when Microsoft Hiring Staff searches the database with these keywords – such as in the administration as Assistant Manager… Learned JAVA, C+++.

In the example above in quotation marks, words printed in italics are used as keywords. Use them generously, but do not repeat them unnecessarily. Just remember that they are only needed for your CV if one of the hired employees is looking for assistant managers for the C+++ team in Hyderabad with a sentence like .

Before creating the CV, I also recommend the LinkedIn profiles of some people who work at Microsoft in similar roles. You can use LinkedIn search to find such profiles. They will also give you an idea: 1) of keywords and 2) presentation of data. Also make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile.

If you are going to graduate from a B school or any of the MBA programs, Microsoft seems to have a perfect program called Microsoft Academy of College Hires to get you on board.

TIP: Create different CVs for different roles/technologies. This will highlight your experience with the role or technology that interests you and, at the same time, give your resume a better chance of appearing in the candidate database.

After homework – aim and shoot

Before you look for a job, you must upload your CV. You can also use the CV Builder to create your CV. It is up to you – depending on the information you need to provide to staff. For beginners, I recommend the use of CV-Builder. You can edit your CV later by logging into the Microsoft Careers website.

and run it instead of selecting all options again.

TIP:TIP: The more research you do on how the business works, the better your chances of being hired. When preparing for the interview, you should expect questions to which you do not know the answer. You have to tell the truth, rather than beat about the bush. You can also ask questions. To show interest, ask questions about role and responsibility rather than benefits, etc.

If you are looking for a job with Microsoft, visit the Microsoft Careers website. The website offers you the possibility to search for job offers and also has a special area for students and graduates. Here are some other useful links:

  • Microsoft Jobs Blog – Get internal information about Microsoft’s recruitment process directly from recruiters.
  • Become a Microsoft career on Facebook – Fan, stay in touch
  • – Follow Ariel as she crawls around Microsoft and finds people passionate about what they do. It’s like paparazzi, only for geeks!
  • – Learn what it’s like to work at Microsoft.
  • – Listen to employees who speak honestly and openly about diversity. Microsoft

The above is for information purposes only and does not guarantee the work at Microsoft. It is intended to guide you through the application process so that your chances of finding a job increase.

Other useful links:

  1. Microsoft salaries. How much are employees paid?
  2. If you come from India, you can apply here at Microsoft India.
  3. If you are looking for an internship, read how to get an internship at Microsoft in this article.

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