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Windows 10 should be a smooth deployment. Microsoft’s original plan was to install a Get Windows application that should check your computer to make sure it is well prepared for the Windows 10 upgrade. In a blog post, Microsoft said that Get Windows App will not only try to solve problems, but also warn you if you need to contact the manufacturers of your hardware parts. It is only if you are satisfied that Get Windows App has been upgraded to Windows 10. But it also launched and released the media creation tool instead of limiting it to Windows Insider. And for many, this has led to many problems. Anyway, the help is there – 24 hours a day. You can use the Contact Support application not only in applications under Start, but also in any Microsoft Store for free help.

Microsoft Answer Desk and it has a number of options for you to get help – most methods are free and for some high-level problems – essentially unlimited software support – they will cost you money. In this article, I report everything I know about this answer button. But first I will talk about my experiences with Get Support App in a few lines.

Using Get Support App

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When one of our drives complained about locking problems, I decided to ask Microsoft directly and I opened the Get Support App. The application gave me three options: call, chat and visit Microsoft Answers. Since a long distance call was impossible and Microsoft Answers is an arrow in the dark, I decided to chat and the experience was good . I was connected to a CSE without waiting and the problem was solved within minutes. I include it just so you know how easy it has become to contact Microsoft support, once inaccessible.

Microsoft Answer Desk

Back to Microsoft Answer Desk, this is another step from Microsoft to help you in every possible way – it’s also free in almost every case, especially when it comes to Windows 10. You get the following options:

  1. Microsoft Answers (No need to use it if you can call or chat for free)
  2. Chat support (free for Windows 10)
  3. Phone support (also free)
  4. Help from a nearby Microsoft store (almost always free)

With all these Microsoft support options available, you don’t have to jump from one forum to another if you are waiting for someone to help you with your Windows 10 problems. Of course, there are known problems where Microsoft may not be able to help immediately, but with other problems – like upgrading to Windows 10 – each channel is just as perfect.

Get help and support for Windows 10 in a Microsoft store

I don’t include chat and phone support because you may already know the fashions. And because Microsoft Answers publishes your problem and waits days for someone to answer it, it is omitted. Until a few days ago, waiting and waiting times were longer, but it seems Microsoft has added more CSEs, reducing your waiting time. As mentioned above, I was able to contact a live representative as soon as I clicked on chat support with the Get Support application.

Coming to Microsoft stores, they have trained and knowledgeable staff who can help you with various things associated with Windows 10. All you have to do is make an appointment (so you don’t have to wait) and go to the store with your device. The people there will solve the problem for you. Not only that, but they also help you upgrade to Windows 10 if you can’t do it yourself. You won’t charge anything for simple things like updating the operating system or fixing bugs. for a little something.

Paid support for Windows 10

There are six cases – three for software and three for hardware problems – listed on the Microsoft Answer Desk that charge you for support. But these are more general questions and a kind of insurance.

Under software support, the following support is paid for Windows 10:

      1. Assure Software Plan : Cost $149 for software maintenance, virus removal, PC development and personal training
      2. Premium Support Software : You receive a single support session with technical support staff and support costs $99 for one year
      3. Virus removal : It also costs $99 for one year and is limited to malware protection and removal

Microsoft offers the following options for support of paid hardware for Windows 10:

      1. Microsoft Complete Accident Cover for Surface 3: This costs you $149 and is more insurance for your Surface 3: This is the same as above, but it applies to all types of laptops. For $129 you get Accident coverage and unlimited support for software
      2. Microsoft Complete Extended Service for Xbox : Again, Accident coverage and unlimited software support – Cost $69

Although paid support is more insurance with unlimited support for software, the best way to visit the Redmond store is to solve your problems. If you don’t have time to physically visit a store, the best phone and chat support is the best. And from my own experience, I can tell that Microsoft support has improved and you can talk to support in minutes after dialing a number or clicking the chat mode.

Visit the Microsoft Store website to learn more about support for Windows 10 options. This article shows additional options for getting help on Windows 10.

If you don’t want to go through all this, you can always post in our Windows 10 forum where you can get help on as many topics as possible.

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