Button Tutorial

Last Updated on May 7, 2019


This tutorial will show you how to create a stylish looking button using patterns and the gradient tool. This tutorial written by Cameron ray.

  1. First, make a new image 500*500px, with a white background.
  2. Make a square selection.
  3. Move to center of screen.
  4. Make a new layer.
  5. Fill the square with with black.


Hold CTRL and select the bottom half of the square. It should remove half of the selection. Fill with a white to transparent gradient, like this:


Ctrl+shift+a to deselect all, then right click on the topmost layer, with the square, and click “Alpha to selection.” This should select the whole square.


Make a new layer, name it “Glow”


Open the paintbrush tool, and select “Circle (19)” raise the “scale” to 5 and change the color to “#ab2020” Next, do as the image shows:


Go to “Filters, blur, gaussian blur” and raise the blur to 25px.


Next, click the rectangle select button, check “feather edges” and raise the slider to 20.0


Hold CTRL and select the bottom half of the image. then erase the selected portion. You should have this.


For this next part, you have to download the attached pattern file. Once you do that, create a new layer, and paste that on. Make sure only the square is still selected. Then lower the layer opacity to 6%. You should have this:


Now, to make it look cool, find your favourite stock image, I chose this one, for the cool looks.


Open it, resize it to about 25% of what it was, then gaussian blur that image 5px to make the button stand out.


Next, we’re going to make the drop shadow of the button.


Alpha to selection the base of the button, then create a new layer. Color the selection black, and deselect.


Next, gaussian blur the shadow 5px, it should look like this.


Looks good, eh? Lets make it look better. Click the 2nd box from the left, next to the layers, it makes a chain link image. This links those layers together. Link all the images that are in the button together.


Move to the bottom right corner of the image, all the layers should move together.


Now, add some cool looking details, and BAM, you got yourself a button. (I didn’t add this, but I made a mistake that I’m too lazy to fix atm, make the white to transparent gradient on a new layer, that is on the top, to make it look more glassy.)