Give your computer eyes a break with Pause4Relax

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This contribution goes to all your rigorous PC and laptop users, including me (huge !). And by rigorous users, I mean above all software developers, authors, bloggers, researchers, graphic designers, web designers and all of you who are simply addicted to this wonderful machine. It has rightly been said that technology needs more! Excessive computer use causes physical ailments such as eye fatigue, scoliosis, vision problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and back pain – especially if you are over 40. They can also harm a person’s mental health.

I know how difficult it is to take a break and give our poor eyes a well-deserved break from the screen. We know little about the harmfulness of these monitoring waves to the eyes and that overuse can lead to health problems such as headaches, dry, burnt or red eyes, sensitivity to light, difficulty distinguishing between paper and monitor (this sometimes happens to me on 🙁 ) and blurred or double vision. Just when we don’t take frequent little breaks from the monitor, our eyes are lost, we owe them that much!

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Pause4Relax A must for all PC users

Here is a simple but super effective tool that can help us limit eye damage. Pause4Relax is ideal for people who cannot resist looking and working in front of the computer and torturing their eyes for hours. And frankly, the moment I come across this application couldn’t be more appropriate, because today I push my eyes to the limit!

How Pause4Relax

While DimScreen simply darkens the screen. Pause4Relax is like a computer reminder that is activated every 30 minutes, decreases the screen brightness and gives you a few minutes (5 by default) to relax your eyes. The software gives the user the flexibility to set the parameters that suit him best. So, if you can pause after 45 to 60 minutes, change the settings accordingly. The application also gives you the ability to skip the relaxation time and add minutes if you just need more relaxation. While playing games or watching movies, you can disable the application and resume later.

Pause4Relax is an extremely easy application and can be run with minimal system configuration. This is a portable application, so no installation is required, just double-click to run the application on your PC or laptop. Users of Windows 7 and later versions can change their system boot settings to load the application into their system when they log in.

You can call it a reminder, constraint or computer command, but when Pause4Relax becomes active, forget everything else, because it’s time to relax!

Pause4Relax free download

And if our eyes feel much better and more relaxed after using this wonderful application, let us know what you think. You can download Pause4Relax from here.

WorkRave is another free software that you may want to try. It helps to restore and prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The program often warns you of micro breaks, rest periods and limits you to your daily limit.

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