Glasswire Firewall and Network Monitoring Check Tool

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When I wrote about Wireshark Network Analyzer, I mentioned that it was one of the best free network monitoring tools for administrators to check the details of every device connected to the network. However, the Wireshark interface is too complex for the average user and because the amount of data is large, it can often confuse him. Glasswire, on the other hand, is a simple network monitoring tool with an integrated firewall that allows or denies Internet access to applications. Read on to learn more about another free firewall and network monitoring software.

Fiber optic firewall

Glasswire installation is clean and there is no fear of installing third-party programs. After installation, you can run Glasswire before clicking Finish, or you can start it later from the desktop icon, Start menu item or, if you want to pin it to the taskbar.

When the application loads, you will see a window containing basic information about the amount of data downloaded and downloaded, as well as other options in the form of icons, window tabs and a menu bar. The center point of the main window is a graph that shows you the downloaded/downloaded data against the time interval. That is, the X axis of the graph is the time that passes, and the Y axis is the amount of data that is downloaded and uploaded. This is the main window.

The main window has a menu bar with options like Snooze, Settings, Incognito etc. in the upper left corner. After successful installation of Glasswire, a system tray icon will also appear in the notification bar. Right-clicking the taskbar icon gives you the same options as clicking the menu bar in the Glasswire window.

Another feature of the notification icon is that it provides you with information when a new application attempts to connect to the Internet or when changes are made to the HOSTS file. The snooze option mentioned above allows you to toggle notifications in the taskbar for a while.

The main interface has four tabs :

To check downloads and downloads in real time,


Log and

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Alerts. Each tab has its own options so you can filter data by specific applications and protocols. The Protocols option is called Traffic.

The interface is simple and explicit. If you still have problems understanding the user interface, you can still access the Help option from the top left menu bar.

Glasswire – The graphics window

This is the main window that opens by default when you run the program. You can also set the program to be minimized at startup by using the Settings option in the top left menu bar or right-clicking the taskbar icon. In the latter case, if you start the program at startup, right-click on the notification area to see the window.

The standard mode for moving data (Y) over time (X) is defined for all applications. The default view shows no protocol as in Wireshark. When you click anywhere on the diagram in Glasswire, you can see how many applications have used the network at that time, in the bar just below the diagram. This would be like app1 + 2more, followed by the IP addresses of the server to which the applications are connected. When you click items like 1more, you will see more items that use the network. Similarly, clicking on the IP address can display a drop-down list indicating which server IP addresses are used by the network.

In addition to the standard mode, there is an application mode and a traffic mode (protocols). When you choose the Apps view, the window is divided into two columns. The left column lists the applications in the insert and the right column shows you the relevant data for the application you select by clicking on it. When you click a log, the right column of the window displays the number of data downloaded and data downloaded, as well as the IP addresses associated with that log. Simply click on any point on the graph to the right and you will know which applications use the protocol and which IP addresses are used by them. The application icons also show which application uses which IP.

Glasswire Firewall View

You may need administrator privileges to make changes here. You can prevent any application from accessing the Internet. You can see what all applications use the Internet, the download and download speeds, and the IP addresses of the server they use. Whenever possible, server IP addresses are displayed in URL format so that you can identify the servers. In some cases, these are numbers that you can copy into the browser to see where they lead.

Alerts and usage view in Glasswire

Alerts are notifications that appear from time to time in the taskbar. If you have not been on your computer for some time, you can see the alerts/notifications in the Alerts tab. After reading the notifications, you can click Mark as read on the Alerts tab page. A number is displayed in both the taskbar and the Alert tab to tell you how many notifications you have not displayed. If you click Mark all as read, the number is deleted. Basically, these warnings are applications accessing the Internet for the first time and changes to HOSTS files on your computer.

The usage view is very overloaded because it displays almost all data for all applications that use your network. It shows the graphical representations in the left column: Total data traffic, data output and data download, etc. The right column shows the applications, protocols used and IP addresses used.

The Glasswire Firewall provides an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and provides detailed data to monitor your network and applications on the network. It is based on solid documentation that completes everything that is not understood. Beginners and advanced can use it without great problems.

I am finishing my evaluation of Glasswire Firewall. You can download Glasswire here.

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