globalDoodle: A fun site for you and your children

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globalDoodle is a sheet of paper of 16 square kilometers in cyberspace. When you visit the site, your browser turns into a slime block. Draw on it or doodle. Do it alone or with your friends. Add to existing Doodles or create new Doodles. Write poetry, create a greeting card or sketch your ideas over the phone – all this is possible with globalDoodle.

Anyone can scribble anywhere on the globalDoodle page, so no one can claim any part of it. However, it is possible to scribble something special in a certain area and make sure it is protected by filling the area until the cursor turns half grey. That way, no one else can ruin your artwork. By integrating the button below into your blog or website, you can create a direct link to this section of globalDoodle, and anyone can add their scribbles around yours.

You can shop for more options, tweet your site, take a snapshot, freeze your seat and do more!

Watch this video on some of the best Doodles.

Visit This is gonna be fun!

Update June 2016 : The Doodle page seems to be closed or having problems with its server. You can visit their Facebook page instead.

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