How to Add Exceptions to Avast?

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If you create an Avast white list and choose the option to add the avast add exception, then you are certainly roaming through each type of firewall of that particular product. This white list is the list that excludes and stops the firewall or antivirus that works on your PC. And speaking of false positives, almost all antivirus software has this feature. In the past, many programs were simply blocked by Avast and reported as false positives.

Avast exceptions always correct the blocking of your programs by searching the list for authorized applications or programs. So, with this list, you can authorize anything you want, regardless of all antivirus program blocks. Avast has blocked some of the most popular programs (e. g. Steam) for a short period of time.

Why Add Exceptions to Avast?

To prevent false alarms – if the program reports a viral infection in a file and you are sure it is a false alarm, you can exclude the file from further analysis and avoid new false alarms. However, please inform AVAST Software of the problem so that it can be fixed.
To increase speed in processing – if you have a folder on your hard drive that contains only images, you can exclude it from scanning, which reduces the total scanning time.

How to Add Exceptions to Avast

Adding an Exception for Specific Avast Antivirus Shield

  • Open the Avast user interface and go to ‘Settings‘ » ‘Active Protection‘
  • Select the shield (file system, email or web) for which you want to add the exception and click the Customize link.
  • Locate the’Exclusions’ menu item and add the item you want to exclude from scanning using the specific Avast tag. You can also specify when the exclusion applies (to read, write or execute).
  • Note that global exclusions are always applied even if they are not listed on the specific label. Also note that many items are listed by default.

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Adding an Exception to the Avast Firewall

  1. Open the Avast main window and click with the left mouse button on the Firewall section of the left navigation menu.
  2. Then left click on “Application Rules” in the left navigation menu under Firewall.
  3. Select “New group” and add “License ServiceApp.exe”.
  4. Now click on “New Application Rule” with the left mouse button and add “License ServiceApp.exe”.
  5. Left-click on the yellow bars and drag the mouse until all 5 bars light up.

Adding a Global Exclusion List for any Programme/File/Folder

  • Open Avast Antivirus on your PC and go to the settings of this antivirus.
  • Now click on the General tab.
  • In the General tab, you will see an option for exclusions.
  • Click on it and you will need to specify the path of the file or folder that will be added to the Avast white list. The option to add URLs is also included in the global list of Avast exceptions.
  • This now allows you to activate programs or websites on your PC and prevents them from scanning with Avast.

Adding a URL/website to the List of Exceptions

  1. Click on the Avast shortcut on the desktop or the Avast icon in the taskbar to open the software.
  2. Select the “Menu” button at the top right and click on “Settings”.
  3. Click on “General” in the settings and select the “Exclusions” tab.
  4. Click on the “URL” option and select “Add”.
  5. Avast will automatically add “http://” before the website, so all you have to do is type “” to add a website.
  6. The website will no longer be scanned.

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