How to Delete Gmail Service in your Google Account

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If you want to know how to delete your Gmail account, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the details on how to do it, whether you want to create a new account or just switch to another email service. It’s also very easy, and you can do it without getting rid of your Google Account completely.

When you delete a Gmail account, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, even though deleting your Gmail account permanently deletes all email from that account, Google may not delete all of those emails immediately. If you decide to keep your Gmail account open at a later date, you may be able to restore it. Second, in case you’re concerned about security: Once you’ve deleted your account, Google won’t let anyone else use it. So you don’t have to worry about someone else using that Gmail address once you’ve deleted your account. Finally, before you delete your Gmail account, make sure you’ve downloaded all the data from your email account. Otherwise, once lost, this data will be lost forever. Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of that for you, too. Learn how to download your Gmail data and store it on your computer.

How to delete your Gmail account depends on the device you’re using, so we’ve made sure to provide instructions for Android and iOS devices.

3 Consequences of Deleting your Gmail Account

Deleting an e-mail account is a serious action and not without consequences. Here are some of the major issues you can expect when deleting your Gmail account:

  1. No access to your messages – The most obvious consequence of deleting your Gmail account is that all saved messages are lost. Forward important messages to your new email before you deactivate your Gmail account. Even if you’re careful, it’s easy to forget that important message you saved months ago. If you haven’t moved it, it will disappear once your email account is gone.
  2. Can’t reach others – If your customers and colleagues are used to reaching you at the deleted Gmail address, you may lose contact with them. Even if you notify everyone you know about the email address change, there’s always a chance that someone will be carrying a business card with the old email address.
  3. You can’t reset passwords for other accounts – Almost all of your accounts, from your bank account to your social media account to your pizza delivery service account, are linked to your email address. If you forget a password, most accounts send a reset link to your email address. However, if your email address is deleted, you may have difficulty accessing your account.

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How to Delete your Gmail Email Service in your Google Account

  • Sign in to your Google Account via and click Sign in. Enter your Gmail contact information and click Sign in.
  • On the Accounts page, you’ll find Data & Customization. It’s usually on the left side of the page, along with other settings.
  • Next, you’ll need to select the Delete a service or your account option.
  • Google gives you two options: You can delete a Google service or your entire Google Account. If you just want to get rid of Gmail, click Remove a service; if you want to remove your account, click Remove your account.
  • You’ll be prompted to re-enter your password and sign in.
  • Before you continue, you’ll receive a final warning about what happens if you delete your account.
  • When you are ready to continue, click Delete Account.

The Google Account Help says, “If you use Gmail for work, school, or another group, contact your administrator. Only the account administrator can delete the Gmail account.

Google doesn’t specify how long Google will wait after your request to actually delete your information. If you change your mind, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to retrieve your Gmail address and email.

If you want to delete not only your email address, but your entire Google Account, there are a number of other steps you need to take.

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