How to Down­load and Change Default Fonts in Microsoft Word

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Fonts are “letters” found in word processing programs and other types of software. There are several types of font families and literally thousands of fonts, both commercial and free. Free fonts are fun. You can download them into your word processor or art program, install them and use them as you wish.

For those who already know a lot about fonts, you probably don’t need to read this. For those of you who are just starting out and want to know a little more about fonts, we will first show you how to change the default font in Word. Why do you need to change it? Because the default font in Word is boring. In Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions, the default font is Calibri, 11 pt. From Word 6.0 (1993) to Word 2007, it was Times New Roman. 12 pt. These two fonts are very functional, but there are so many more choices, why stick to the default font?

It’s easy to change the default font in Word. In fact, you can set the font for Word documents by clicking on the styles and setting the specific font for each style, which means that you can have multiple fonts as the default font for your document. To do so, click one of the styles on the menu. For example, click on the “Normal” style and select “Change”. This will open the Normal style and give you all possible options. You can find the font under Formatting. Select the font you want to use, which will be your default font for the Normal style. This is the easiest way to change the default font in the latest versions of Word. Older versions were slightly different.

How to Download New Fonts From Microsoft Store

As mentioned above, there are simple ways to download new fonts on Windows 10. Follow the steps below.

  • Press the Windows button, browse for settings, and then dive into the Windows settings menu.
  • Go to the Personalization > Fonts menu.
  • The Microsoft Store has a streamlined collection of free and paid fonts. Select the font you want and click the “Get” button.
  • Here you will find a list of fonts available with the option – Get more fonts from Microsoft Store.
  • The Microsoft Store has a slim collection of free and paid fonts. Select the font you want and click the “Get” button.

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How To Download Custom Fonts From Web

The font collection in the Microsoft Store is dark compared to what you can get on the Internet. The Internet is full of fonts customized for your style and needs. I usually refer to the Google Fonts site to download and install custom fonts. Follow these steps to download and install them from the web.

  • Open the Google Fonts website and take a look at the hundreds of fonts available for download.
  • Select the font you want and press the Download Font Family button in the upper right corner.
  • This will download a Zip file to your device.
  • Go to the download location and unzip the file using the WinRAR ZIP Archiver tool. This is a Windows-based system.
  • Open the unzipped folder and you will find the complete font family.
  • These are TrueType (.ttf) file types. Open the file you want to install and the system will open a preview where you can see what the font will look like in different sizes.
  • Select the Install button, and the fonts will be installed in no time. Users don’t need to restart or update a program to make them available.

How to Set a Default Font in Microsoft Word

To always use your favorite font in Word, set it as your default font.

  • Go home and select the image using the launch button in the font dialog box.
  • Select the font and font size you want to use.
  • Choose Set as Default.
  • Choose one of the following options:
  • This document only
  • All documents are based on the normal template.
  • Choose OK twice.

If you want to change one of your default fonts, simply repeat the corresponding procedure above.,Default%2C%20and%20then%20select%20Yes.

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