How to Fix Beat Saber Mods Not Working

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Since the mods that have included custom songs in the Beat Sabre are unofficial and created by the community, they often stop when the game is updated, resulting in custom songs disappearing. This tutorial shows how to fix custom songs in the Beat Sabre after the update with other mods. If you have never installed your own songs before, follow these instructions.

If a Beat Sabre update disrupts user songs, the mods they activate will no longer be compatible until the mod creators make their own updates to reflect the changes. Rest assured that all the songs and bitmaps you downloaded remain there. They just can’t be seen. You will have to wait until the mods become individual and then update to the latest versions before you can reuse custom songs in the Beat Sabre.

Don’t forget to make copies of important things:

  • Click on Sabre_Data \ CustomLevels
  • Read Lists
  • UserData \ favorSongs.cfg
  • UserData \ reviewsSongs.json
  • UserData \ voteSongs.json

Allow traffic associated with the Beat Sabre via antivirus / firewall

Start Firewall Manually

Your antivirus applications and firewalls play a vital role in securing your system and your data. However, mods may not work if the firewall/antivirus applications in your system block access to the resource needed to run the Beat Sabre. In this case, allowing traffic related to Beat Sabre through antivirus applications / firewalls may solve the problem.

Please note: you can do this at your own risk as changing the antivirus/firewall settings can expose your system and data to threats such as Trojans, viruses, etc.

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Check the integrity of the Beat Sabre game files

Application / game files can be damaged due to many factors, such as a sudden power failure, etc. E. In the case of Beat Sabre, you can not exclude the possibility of in-game files being corrupted when using mods. Therefore, checking the integrity of the game files (which will eliminate file corruption and compatibility problems) with Beat Sabre may solve the problem.

  • Run Steam and right-click Beat Sabre in the game library.
  • Now click on “Properties” and go to the “Local files” tab.
  • Then click the Check game files integrity button.
  • Now wait until the Beat Saber file check process is complete.
  • Then restart Steam and see if the Beat Sabre works correctly (without mods).
  • Now download and run the latest version of Mod Assistant.
  • Now install the necessary mods and run the Beat Sabre.
  • Now exit the Beat Sabre and restart it. Then make sure that the Beat Sabre works correctly.
  • Otherwise, exit the Beat Saber and go to the Beat Sabre directory, open the Beat Saber patch and boot.
  • Now run Steam and Beat Sabre to see if the problem with the mods is solved.
  • Otherwise, exit the Beat Sabre and Steam, download and install the Beat Saber IPA.
  • Now drag and drop BeatSaber.exe to BSIPA.exe.
  • Now run Steam and Beat Sabre to make sure that the mods work correctly.

Reinstall the Mod Assistant for Beat Saber

If you have not changed any of the pre-installed modifications, a tool must be installed in Mod Assistant that allows you to find and install your own cards in the game. You can find this in-game tool in the left side menu. You can find it next to the release notes. You will see a tab labeled “Mods”. Click this tab to display the “Other Songs” option.

If you prefer to install maps from your desktop and then go to Virtual Reality to read them, go back to the Edit Wizard and switch to the Options tab. In the Enable One Click Installation section, select the Beast Saver checkbox (you only need to do this once to activate the feature). When viewing maps on the Beast Sabre, you can simply click the cloud installation button (on the photo below) to install the map (you may need to log in to the Beast Saver, you can create a free account).

When you install a map in one click from the Beast Saver, your browser may ask you if you want to open an editing wizard on the site. Click Yes. A Mod Assistant window will appear showing you how the installation works. When the installation is complete, “Finished” is displayed.

Once the cards have been loaded and installed in the game or on the desktop, they should appear in the game on the customizable song tab. Go and cut!

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