How to Fix Can’t Attach Excel Document to Email

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MS Excel includes a convenient attachment option that allows users to attach Excel files to Outlook emails. This allows users to attach spreadsheet files to their emails and send them directly from within Excel. This is an option that seamlessly integrates Outlook and Excel.

However, some users have reported a general e-mail error in Excel on the software support forums. This error message can occur when users try to attach spreadsheets to Outlook emails from Excel.

As a result, they cannot attach Excel files to email messages using the “Send as attachment” feature of the request. Here are some possible solutions to resolve the common email error.

Attach an Existing File

It is easy to attach the actual file. Click in the spreadsheet cell where you want to insert the object. Choose the Insert tab. Click Object in the Text group to open the Object dialog box. Select the Create from File tab. Click the Browse button and locate the file you want to attach. Click the file to select it and click the Insert button.

At this point, you have completed the file, but you still need to decide how you want to access it. Select the Link to file check box if you want to include the contents of the file in the spreadsheet. Check the Create Symbol box to insert a symbol linked to the file. Select OK to complete the process and attach the file.

Delete the file MSMAPI32.DLL

  • This is a relatively old solution that solved the problem of general email failure for users after the 1709 update of Windows 10 Creators. First of all, make sure Outlook and Excel do not work.
  • Open the file explorer (press Windows key + shortcut key E).
  • Open this path in the file explorer: C:Program Files (x86)Shared File SystemMSMAPI1043MSMAPI32.DLL.
  • Select the file MSMAPI32.DLL.
  • Press the Delete button.

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Send as the body of an email message

If you use Excel, you can send your file as the actual content of the email message, not as an attachment. To do this, you must first add the “Send to Email Recipients” command to the access bar of DeepL. See Customizing the Access Bar DeepL for instructions on how to add commands.

To send your file as the body of an email message, follow these steps:

  • Open the file you want to send.
  • On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the QAT Send to E-Mail Recipients icon to open an E-Mail message. Your folder appears in the body of the message.
  • Enter the aliases of the recipients, change the subject and body of the message as required, and click Send.

Do not use the “Send as attachment” feature.

Excel has a built-in function called “Send as attachment” that allows you to attach the current file to a new E-Mail. This email can be created in Outlook or in your default email program.

You can find the “Send as Attachment” button in the “File” menu or add it to the access bar (QAT) of DeepL.

This is a quick way to attach the file to an email, but do not use it.

Why should I not use it?

There are several reasons to avoid this:

  • You can’t make changes to the file after attaching it. In some versions of Office, you cannot edit the file in Excel either. I always have to make changes to the file or take screenshots before sending it.
  • This does not work if you are using an email application in your web browser, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.
  • It only works for attaching a file to an email.
  • It only works for new emails. Often I will attach a file to a reply.

Uninstalling Duplicate Office Applications

Error General mail error is often caused by installing duplicate versions of MS Office applications. Some users may have installed old versions of MS Office applications in addition to the new ones. The problem could therefore be solved by removing the duplicates from MS Office.

To do this, open the Windows 10 Start menu and click the Microsoft Office folder in it to see if duplicate Office applications exist. Right-click the duplicate Office software and click Uninstall to remove entries in the application that do not relate to your current version of Office.

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