How to Fix Chrome Keeps Freezing when Watching YouTube Videos

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What can you do if your chrome continues to freeze while watching videos on YouTube? This problem is not only present on YouTube. It can also occur with videos from other websites. It can be as simple as stuttering for several seconds before the video starts playing again. While this is a minor problem, it can be incredibly annoying.

Most of us watch videos online all the time, so any slowdown or pause in playback will be a big problem. The good news is that there are few ways to solve this problem. A lot depends on what’s wrong, so as usual with these things, it’s worth doing all these steps in order and stopping when it’s fixed.

Reload YouTube and Restart your Browser

Sometimes YouTube hangs because the YouTube web player or browser is temporarily out of service. You can reload the website and see if that solves your problem.

If it doesn’t, restart your browser. If the problem persists, try Fix 2, below.

Updating Google Chrome

  • First of all, users should make sure they are using the latest Chrome browser, which offers better video playback than earlier versions. Users can update Chrome by clicking Customize Google Chrome > Help > About Google Chrome in the browser menu.
  • The browser will automatically update if it’s not at the latest version. Users can also reinstall Chrome with the latest version from the browser’s website.

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Updating the Graphics Card Driver

Freezing YouTube videos may be due to outdated or corrupted graphics card drivers. Some video card drivers may not even be compatible with some of the new YouTube features. Updating your video card driver may be another possible solution.

The resolutions listed above often correct the playback of YouTube videos in Chrome. Keep in mind, however, that users can also use other browsers that may provide more reliable YouTube playback. Firefox, Opera, Edge and Vivaldi are among the best alternatives to Chrome.

Restoring the Old Version of YouTube

The new design of the Youtube site has caused stability and performance issues for many users and probably has to deal with the fact that the new version is not well optimized for low-end computers or for users who want to run videos in parallel with another resource.

However, you can easily restore the old version of YouTube by following the instructions below :

  • Open the YouTube home page by clicking on the address bar of your browser and typing “”.
  • Locate the profile image icon in the upper right corner of the window and click the down arrow.
  • Find the “Restore Old Youtube” option in the drop-down menu. Answer Google’s quiz about why you’re switching to the old version of the site and check to see if Youtube is still frozen.

Disable Extensions

In some cases, the main cause of this Google Chrome bug is one of the extensions you have installed in your browser. Turn off all extensions in your Chrome browser to see if any of them are causing this error. Now enable each extension individually to determine the cause, and then uninstall them in your Google Chrome browser.!topic%2Fchrome%2FYPwUegHkHiI%3Bcontext-place%3Dtopicsearchin%2Fchrome%2Fcategory%243Areport-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help

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