How to Fix Error Files Missing from Job Error in uTorrent

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If you’re a movie buff, gamer, series fan or avid reader, you’ve probably heard of µTorrent, haven’t you? It’s one of the most popular websites where you can download a variety of things, including movies, series, games, e-books, various tutorials and a wide variety of software.

Basically, it offers almost anything you want to download. It provides you with a complete package to download. It is also very well known, versatile and efficient. At the same time, we have to accept the fact that mistakes are inevitable and none of them are free, and µTorrent is no different.

That’s why this article will give you some methods to fix one of the most common mistakes µTorrent users make. This error is called “Missing Files“. In this article, we will give you some simple but effective methods to fix the “Files missing in job” error in µTorrent.

It’s not hard to guess why this error occurs in the first place. These are the likely scenarios that caused the error:

  • You moved files from the download folder.
  • You renamed files.
  • The files are deleted.

File renamed

To remedy this, you must change the file name back to its original name. Go to the folder that contains the file, right click on it and choose Rename. How do I know the original file name?

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Generally, torrent files have long names. You can find the original uTorrent file name (the one that contains errors). The file name is located next to File Size. Just copy and paste it from the directory when renaming the file. Do not include the file extension such as .mp4 or .avi. Then, return to uTorrent, right-click the corrupted torrent file, and select Start. It will now start seeding again.

Changing the location of the file (moved to another folder) – Renewing the folder

If you have moved a file to another folder or changed the name of the original folder, you may also receive the same error. Or, you may receive another error like this : Error: Invalid upload status, try to continue.

To fix it, right-click the corrupted torrent file and select Advanced – Set Download Location. Find and select the correct folder name containing the file. Then right-click the torrent file in uTorrent and select Force Test or Start.

Reinstall the application

In some cases, downloaded files or uTorrent program files are corrupted. This can cause even the completed download to be detected incorrectly and cause the current error message to appear. The simple solution is to reinstall the software and this time, do not save any settings. First of all, make sure to uninstall the currently installed program :

  • Press Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box and press Enter.
  • Find uTorrent in the program list, right-click it and select “Uninstall”.
  • Restart your computer and navigate to the official uTorrent website. Download a new copy and install it.
  • Check now if the problem is finally solved.

Set a new download location

If you intentionally moved the file to a new location, you can set the default download location to the new location in the settings for that file. The rest of the download will start at the new location and the error message will disappear.

  • Right-click the file name in uTorrent
  • Click Advanced -> Set Download Location.
  • Navigate to the new folder where you saved the file.
  • Then click Select Folder and save the changes. Restart uTorrent and see if the problem is finally solved.

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