How to Fix Evernote Not Syncing

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If Evernote does not sync to your devices, changes you make to your notes will not be reflected on your other devices. Either you will see a sync error message on your screen or no message will appear, but your notes will not sync.

There may be several reasons why the application does not synchronize your notes. However, if you use some of the methods listed below, you should be able to resolve the problem and synchronize your notes through your devices.

This is a very common error, and several corrections are recommended. Sometimes it’s pretty disgusting to have a bunch of notes that can’t be synchronized.

Before contacting support systems-which are actually quite good-you should consult these quick fixes to solve Evernote app sync problems.

Check out the Evernote Status Blog

Every week, the Evernote servers are updated with new versions of the various software components that support the service. During this period, the service may be slow or even temporarily unavailable. Check to make sure there are no server-side issues that are causing your synchronization failure.

Check a specific note that might be the cause of the problem.

If that doesn’t work, see if there are any specific clues that are causing the synchronization problem:

  • Click on the “Sync” button. This will fail, but will add new data to the activity log.
  • Click Help> Activity Log.
  • Look for the words “error” and “exception” in the activity log.
  • If you see the title of one of your notes next to “Error” or “Exception”, try copying the contents of that note to another location, such as Apple Notes, then delete that note and empty it from the Trash. (Repeat this process for each note title you see).
  • Repeat synchronization

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Check for any Conflicting Notes

In many cases, the problem lies in conflicting notes or notes that Evernote finds corrupt. These notes won’t sync, and if you look at them, you probably won’t be happy.

If you get the “Content is invalid” error, it is usually an error that occurs only because of certain corrupted notes.

Delete the notes (or just copy and paste them as a new note) from the application and then try to synchronize them. If the synchronization goes smoothly, you have at least discovered the “corrupted” note.

Make sure that you have not exceeded the maximum number of devices.

Evernote offers several plans, and depending on the plan you use, you have a number of devices that can use your Evernote account. If you exceed this limit for your account type, it’s probably because you can’t sync your notes on your devices.

Try Syncing Evernote Manually

On your dashboard, when you log in, you will see an icon that looks like a double arrow next to the name of your website. This forces Evernote to sync with and often solves remaining synchronization problems.

Contact Evernote Support

If none of these suggestions help you, please contact the Evernote Help Desk directly. It is helpful to include the following items in your ticket request :

  • A copy of your activity log
  • A description of the events
  • What version of Evernote do you use?
  • On which device your notes are not displayed
  • A list of the steps you took before contacting Evernote support

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