How to Fix OneDrive Web Error Code 6

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Some Onedrive customers report that they cannot access their Onedrive online library. When they try to view the content via a browser by going to All Photos or Albums, affected customers see the message “One thing went fallacious, Please attempt once more or refresh the web page. Error code: 6”.

Error code 6 means that a timeout error has occurred. We recommend that you restart your computer or smartphone.

To resolve this issue, first make sure that the problem is not caused by a common disadvantage of Microsoft’s offline online service server. If you verify that the problem is not caused by a server issue, try logging into your Onedrive account through another gadget, either from mobile phone applications (iOS or Android) or immediately through a browser.

A workaround that has helped some customers avoid the problem is to switch from the shared folder to the recycle bin folder when accessing the OneDrive online model. However, if this does not work, you will have little opportunity to contact a Microsoft technician for expert assistance.

Storage Limit Exceeded or Suspended

We can’t ignore the obvious, and there’s not much we can do for you here if you’ve exceeded your disk space or if your account has been suspended. You will need to check this page with Microsoft to find the solution.

Check your Internet Connection

According to Microsoft, error code 6 on OneDrive means that the application is having trouble connecting to the cloud. And the main reason for this is a bad or unstable internet connection. To correct this error, the first thing to do is to confirm your Internet connection using the following two methods.

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  1. Make sure that the cable is properly connected. If it’s a wireless connection, make sure your router is working properly. You can also try restarting your router.
  2. Start your web browser and open some web pages. If your browser loads the pages successfully, it means that there is no problem with your Internet connection.

Check for Updates and Restart

We have tackled this simple solution more times than we can remember. While we were running Windows and were away for an hour, Windows Updates was ready to be installed. Since we suspected that this was not an accident, we installed the updates and rebooted.

Go to Start > Settings > Updates and Security and check for updates or a reboot. If no Windows updates are pending, restart anyway.

Check the Status of the Microsoft Office Online Service

Check if you can access other Microsoft services such as Outlook or If you can access these services, it may be a temporary problem with OneDrive. If you cannot access these services, the problem may be related to your account or to a different and more important problem.

Alternating Shared Folder and Recycle Bin

If the above tests have shown that the problem only occurs when accessing the OneDrive shared folder directly through a browser, it is very likely that you are dealing with a disruption that is quite popular with Onedrive web users.

If this scenario applies, you should be able to work around the problem by alternately pressing the Trash folder and the shared folder. Many affected users have confirmed that after switching between the two folders 2 or 3 times, the shared folder is normally displayed without error code 6. And in most cases, users who applied this fix indicated that the problem has not recurred since then.

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