How to Fix Unable to launch Android Studio Emulator

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It seems that some users have problems with the emulator running in Android Studio. If you press Run button and select Start Emulator, it will not give any results.

Emulator often refuses to run, but make sure that there are some possible fixes for errors. The most common solutions that we found are listed below, so try them.

Make sure that you have enough storage

To avoid crashes and failures caused by too little free space, the emulator checks at startup if there is enough free space and does not start until at least 2 GB is free. If the emulator does not boot, check if you have enough free disk space.

Download Intel HAXM from Android SDK Manager

  • Run the Android SDK manager.
  • In the Tools section, check the box next to the Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM).
  • Then click the “Install package” button.
  • Review the Intel license agreement and accept the terms.
  • Then click Install.
  • The SDK Manager loads the installer into the Tools directory under the root directory of the SDK.
  • Even if the SDK Manager says “Installed”, it actually means that the Intel HAXM executable file has been downloaded. Therefore it is necessary to run the installation in {SDK_FOLDER}extrasintelHardware_Accelerated_Execution_Managerintelhaxm.exe.
  • Now just follow the installation instructions.

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If the Android emulator does not run correctly, this problem is often due to the fact that the minimum SDK of your application is higher than the SDK of your emulator. If it is not, make sure you have the HAXM installer in the SDK manager.

HAXM problems are usually the result of conflicts with other virtualization technologies or an outdated HAXM driver.

Check the antivirus software

Because many security and antivirus programs work by tracking every read and write operation, using such software can reduce the performance of tools such as the Android emulator.

Many antivirus programs offer the ability to whitelist specific applications, allowing these applications to run without performance degradation. If you experience poor performance when saving or uploading AVD snapshots, you can improve performance by whitelisting the Android Emulator app in your antivirus software.

The impact on performance varies between different antivirus programs. If you have installed additional antivirus software in addition to the antivirus software included in your operating system, you can run simple tests to determine which antivirus software has the greatest impact on the emulator’s uploading and saving processes.

Some antivirus software may not be compatible with the Android emulator.

If you are using Avast software and have problems with the Android emulator, try disabling nested virtualization, if available, and enable hardware support for virtualization in Avast’s troubleshooting settings. Also, after disabling Avast hardware virtualization, make sure that HAXM is correctly configured again by completely reinstalling the last HAXM in the SDK Manager.


These resolutions usually allow the Android Studio emulator to run again on Windows 10. Don’t forget to share alternative solutions in the “Comments” section below.

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