How To Fix Windows Outlook/Live 0x800CCC19 Error

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0x800CCC19 Windows error is an observed problem in some configurations that use antivirus software to scan emails. Sometimes the scanning of email messages by your antivirus or firewall application can cause this error. Check the antivirus/firewall software options to disable scanning for incoming and outgoing messages. You can also temporarily disable or uninstall the application until you are sure that this is not the cause of the problem.

0x800CCC19 Windows Error

One of the reasons for the 0x800CCC19 error code in Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail is an incorrect SMTP or POP port number. Specifically, if you set the outgoing server (SMTP) to run without encryption, but changed the port number to 465 (the encryption port number), you will receive the error code above.

You will also receive the same error code (0x0800CCC19) if you configured the incoming POP server to use encryption port 995 but did not enable encryption in the email account settings.

Sometimes, a delay may also occur when downloading a message with a large attachment or when downloading a message with missing headers.

Scan your registry

registry editor - Another installation is in progress in Windows 10

A very common cause of this error is operating system registry corruption. If you do not know what the registry is, it is essentially a library system used to store all important data about your operating system, such as configuration, subject and program settings.

Each time you install a program on your computer, entries are made in your registry that the operating system uses when you open and use that particular program. However, installing and uninstalling programs leaves many of these inputs behind, resulting in a number of problems, such as poor system performance, random errors, programs that do not work, and system instability.

Delete Pop3uidl file

0x800CCC19 Remove Pop3uidl File

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A corrupted pop3uidl file can be the cause of the 0x800CCC19 error you receive. In this case, you want to search and delete this file. This can be done in the following way.

  1. First, connect to your computer with administrator rights.
  2. Then click Start -> Search.
  3. Once the search results applet is loaded, click All Files and Folders.
  4. Then type pop3uidl in the All or part of the file name box and click Search.
  5. Once he has found the pop3uidl file, right-click it and select Delete.
  6. Finally, click Yes to confirm the file deletion, then close the applet and restart your computer.

Temporarily disable antivirus protection:


If you have installed a third-party antivirus program, we recommend that you uninstall or disable the antivirus program and verify it. Windows Outlook keeps malfunctions.

In the Windows notification area, click the Microsoft Security Essentials icon, and then click Open.
Click the Settings tab, and then click Realtime Protection.
Clear the check box next to Enable real-time protection (recommended).
Save your changes.

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