How To Repair Circular Kernel Context Logger Error 0xc0000035

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Many Windows users encounter the “Circular Kernel Context Logger” error session, which did not start with the following error: 0xc0000035. Damage to the Windows operating system is the main cause of problems with the Circular Kernel Context Logger 0xc0000035.

Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing’ seems to work with the Circular Kernel Context Logger’ at each system startup. These components are part of the performance diagnosis.

The error code “0xc0000035” is returned as “STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION”. This error code was associated with a dual domain security identifier (SID) that was detected even if the event recorder was full and the session of the circular core context recorder could not be started.

PC errors are a serious problem. Not taking these mistakes into account will only make them grow and become more complex. You can prevent this by identifying the symptoms of errors and taking the necessary measures. The most common symptoms are viruses, incomplete system files, system registry problems and insufficient RAM memory.

You have a slow PC if it has a virus or if its RAM memory is low. With a slow computer, your work will certainly be delayed. Your system can be threatened by file corruption and data theft by viruses, so it must be deleted using antivirus software. On the other hand, if your computer does not respond correctly and restarts suddenly, it can cause missing files and registry conflicts in the system. What is terrible about arbitrary restarts is that you waste your promotion on work.

Errors also occur when installing computer equipment, which can make the system unstable or prevent it from operating at all. So, if you notice that the overall performance of your device is deteriorating, you will receive prompts and you will discover terms such as 0xc0000035 in your installation log file, you should have them repaired immediately so that you can restore your computer to normal operation.

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Before continuing, you must first confirm that the recorder is actually working:

Open the Control Panel -> System -> Administration -> Performance Monitor.

Under Data Collector Sets -> Event Trace Sessions, check if the context recorder is working.

If it is running, there is really no problem, so you should just filter the error or ignore it and continue.

Specific causes and alternatives for the circular core context recorder 0xc0000035 Error

Restart your computer. Insufficient memory errors are often corrected by restarting the device. First try this action to determine if it solves the problem of the exact error code.
Too little RAM. Make sure your system has enough RAM to perform many software functions. Procedural requirements are generally included in the package in which these application CDs arrived or are registered on the software provider’s website under the heading “Documentation” or a similar heading.
Poor storage management. Many software programs require the installation of memory management programs. Uninstall it to see if it solves the problem if your system has memory management software.
Too little disk space: Before installing new software or a new driver, make sure you have at least 100 to 500 megabytes of absolutely free access to your computer’s hard drive. Any smaller number that could prevent the exchange document from increasing in size when the required disk space is available.

To evaluate HD FreeSpace under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista7 and 7, then available “Desktop” or “Personal Computer”. Move the mouse pointer over the desired right click. Then click on “Properties” in the context menu. A dialog box opens that displays the sum of the memory capacity and the completely free distance.
Difficulties with the software application. If recurring errors occur when running certain applications, the probability of the software itself making errors is highest. Perform a chase, then install patches or an upgrade. If errors persist or if no upgrades or patches can be purchased, contact the programmer or software distributor for assistance.
Technical memory defects. If the above steps do not resolve the error codes of the Circular Kernel Context Logger 0xc0000035, the memory of your PC may be

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