How To Repair: Error 0x8007016a Cloud File Provider Is Not Running

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Onedrive is a Windows trick that synchronizes your folder with the cloud and on all your devices, like Dropbox. Many Windows users have encountered the 0x8007016A error when trying to delete or move folders or files in the OneDrive folder. The error code is accompanied by the message ‘Cloud File Provider Is Not Working’. Most of the users concerned have reported that this error message occurs with a current version of OneDrive.

Reinstalling OneDrive drivers and applications

Microsoft is silent on this issue. Either they don’t know anything about it or they refuse to recognize it.

To correct the situation, simply download the OneDrive driver/”application” from your PC and reinstall it – “OneDriveSetup.exe”. You have to search on, and that doesn’t make it easy. We have to say that this is the best course – you may find it in your “latest versions” folder, but as there seems to be a problem with Windows Update (above), we don’t think it’s actually the latest version.

This corrects synchronization problems. But apparently, the “fix” is only good until Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, decides to fix things.

Disable File-On Demand

Most of the users concerned reported that they had successfully resolved the problem by disabling Files on Demand in the OneDrive preferences menu and then deleting the semi-synchronized file from OneDrive. This procedure is effective in cases where a file is not fully synchronized – it has a thumbnail image, but the file size is 0 KB.

After doing this and restarting their computer, most of the users concerned reported that the error 0x8007016A: The Cloud File provider not working did not occur more than they tried to open or delete a file or folder in OneDrive. This is a recurring bug in OneDrive for several years and has not been fixed at the time of writing.

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Resuming synchronization

You may also encounter this problem because OneDrive sync is temporarily disabled in the Settings menu. This can happen through manual intervention by the user or after a power plan or other third-party application has disabled the synchronization process to save energy.

Several users involved have managed to solve the problem by accessing the OneDrive settings and continuing the synchronization process. After the service was restarted, most of the users concerned reported that the problem had been solved.

Check that you are not synchronizing too many files.

If OneDrive synchronization is blocked for a long period of time or if xMB’s Processing 0KB status indicates that you have many files in your OneDrive or that many new files need to be loaded. If you have more than 100,000 files, synchronization can take a long time.

To see how many files you have on your OneDrive:

  1. Open the File Explorer.
  2. Right-click on the OneDrive folder and select Properties.
  3. If the number contains more than 100,000, think about which OneDrive folders to synchronize with your computer.

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