How to Repair Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005-0003

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Users receive this error code on Nintendo when they try to download a software update or new game on Nintendo Switch. The error code indicates a problem with the micro SD card and usually occurs when users try to download games using a regular or lower micro SD card.

The error occurs when users are unable to save files to the Memory Card. The information in this article may be useful if you can’t download the software to the Nintendo Switch and get the error code 2005-0003.

Before proceeding to the methods of solving this problem, it is important to make sure that you have implemented the following preliminary solutions:

Make sure that you have the latest system update installed on your console.

If your console has already been updated, restart it by pressing and holding the POWER button for three seconds, then select “Power”, then select “Restart”.

If the problem persists and you are using your microSD card, try the following:

Reinstall the microSD card.

Turn off the console, remove the microSD card and reinsert it.

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Try another microSD card.

If the boot cannot be completed because of the microSD card you are using, using another microSD card may solve the problem.

Format the microSD card.

If you do not have another microSD card or if the second microSD card was working and you want to try using the first one, format the data on the card and try again.

Remove the microSD card, then try to download the software to the system storage.

If there is no other microSD card, remove the microSD card and try to download the software. If you can download the software to the system memory, read the software from the system memory or buy another microSD card for use with the Nintendo Switch.

How to Identify and Check Fake Memory Cards

If you are concerned that your memory card shows more than its actual capacity, these cards will be identified during the next test using the free H2Testw tool. Please note that the test will take some time. The tool should go through each sector when writing data, then read and check all this information again. So, if you have a high capacity memory card which is very slow, it may take several hours. Note that if you want to run this test, you can skip the above speed tests completely because the tool actively reports card read and write speeds.

In my opinion, H2Testw is the best tool to test memory cards. It is specifically designed to detect fake memory cards that report full memory capacity. Although the tool is designed for Windows, you can also run a similar tool called “F3” in MacOS (F3X is a GUI version). Unfortunately, after downloading on Mac, I was not able to run F3X on the latest version of MacOs Mojave, so I compiled F3, the version of command line software (for those who do not know how to compile ) on Mac, I recommend only one. Find a Windows PC or run Windows in a virtualized environment and use H2Testw instead.

After booting and installing H2Testw, run it, select the appropriate volume of media and click “Record + Check”:

The program opens another window where all read and write operations are performed. Once everything is done, the program reports its results:

If the memory card you are using is fake, it will report errors and show the amount of actual data written and read to the card. In the above case, I used a real SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB memory card, which I removed some time ago. As you can see, not only did the program not show any errors, but it reported an average read and write speed of 70MB/s. If you run a test like this and find errors, it’s a fake or faulty memory card!

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