How to Repair qBittorrent I/O Error

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The qBittorrent project aims to provide an alternative to µtorrent. qBittorrent is an advanced, cross-platform BitTorrent client with a beautiful user interface, a web interface for remote control and an integrated search engine. qBittorrent aims to meet the needs of most users using as little CPU and memory as possible. qBittorrent is a true Open Source project, and everyone can and should contribute.

Sometimes a torrent is perfect and the download runs smoothly, but sometimes it starts the download and stops after this error message appears. Reloading the torrent sometimes solves the problem, but not always. It is downloaded for a while, then the error appears. This torrent in the image, for example, was increased to 50% before there was a problem.

The length of the file path (without the attached !qB) is exactly the maximum length allowed by Windows, i.e. drive letter, colon, backslash plus a 256-digit string.

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Therefore, users get I/O errors. qBittorrent cannot write files to the disk when it attaches the extension .!qB because the path becomes too long. This is consistent with the workaround solution you used, which is simply not to add the extension .!qB for this torrent. Consider moving or renaming it more quickly.

Run qBittorrent as administrator

As some users have pointed out, opening qBittorrent by selecting the “Run as administrator” option has the potential to solve the problem automatically. Because when you run an application with execution as an administrator command, you allow your system to accept that the program is safe to execute one of the administrative commands. It also helps qBittorrent with permissions for the need to access another memory location. To open qBittorrent as an administrator, do the following:

  1. Search for qBittorrent in the Start menu (press Windows + S to launch the search bar).
  2. Right-click on qBittorrent and select Run as administrator.
  3. Confirm the user control warning with “Yes”.
  4. Now check if you get an I/O error.

Troubleshooting your I/O errors


One of the best steps you can take to diagnose your I/O error is to turn off the computer and restart it in the Clean Boot state. To do this, you must connect to your computer with administrator privileges. After logging in, go to the Run window dialog box and type “msconfig” before pressing Enter. The configuration window of your system opens.

In the System Configuration window, click Selective Start and deselect Load Startup. Once this operation is complete, click on the Services tab at the top of the window. This will allow you to disable all unnecessary operations on your computer during the boot process. Select the “Hide all Microsoft services” button, then press the “Disable all” button. You should then be able to start a “Clean Boot” and diagnose your problems. If the error does not appear after the computer restarts, slowly restart the services you have disabled to see which item causes the I/O error.

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