How to run Windows apps on different platforms with CrossOver


Switching from Windows to Mac, Linux or Chrome OS may be a logical decision, but there is only one problem: you have purchased a number of pure Windows programs. So, what are you supposed to do, start over? And waste a lot of resources and money? Fortunately, a program called CrossOver 17 allows you to run all your favorite applications and games on your new computer.

With CrossOver for Linux, MacOS, Chromebook or even Android, you can run virtually any Windows program quickly and easily without having to worry about separate installations or transporting it to another computer. You can run your Windows software at native speed (with no performance limits) and run your Windows applications directly from the Dock.

A major caveat is that Crossover for Chromebook can only run 32-bit applications due to restrictions in the Android environment of Chrome OS. (Crossover works with 64-bit applications on MacOS and Linux.)

With CrossOver, you do not install Windows and then the application. It’s about the application, and it’s all about the application. Fortunately CrossOver is different, but it is not difficult to use.

Many Windows software programs work perfectly with the CrossOver preview. A number of users reported that most basic software works very easily. The Android police have also reported that larger software, such as Adobe Photoshop, works well on Android devices. The installed version of Photoshop was CS3, and it works well. The basic image processing, transformations and cutting were carried out without too much effort. Sometimes it breaks down when changing the font. But you can let go if you consider it to be a preview version.

Another advantage of CrossOver that has been tested in the CrossOver overview is the game! Windows has a very detailed collection of games like Android. With CrossOver Preview, users can also run games on their Android and Chromebook devices. From now on, games supporting DirectX9 will work on the devices. CrossOver developers are working to improve the application and add DirectX10 and X11 support. However, this may take some time. Games like Half Life 1 and Team Fortress went well on average. In fact, it’s a big step forward in cross-platform application integration, and CrossOver is leading the way!


To install a Windows application with crossover

There are two ways to install Windows applications with the filter. The first is to install an executable file on the database of known Crossover applications. You can access it from the search bar on the main page of the application. Enter the name of the program you want to install and Crossover will fill the screen with the corresponding results. Some of the applications you can search for are Microsoft Office 2006 and 2010, older versions of Adobe Photoshop, FileZilla and 7-Zip (You may need to purchase a key to use some of these applications.

How to install Windows programs on Chromebooks

It does not have to be a powerful Chromebook to run Windows applications on a Chromebook, although it must have an Intel processor. CrossOver uses Wine, a lightweight program that has been used for decades to run Windows programs on MacOS, Linux and Unix. This is done by creating a compatibility layer with the Windows API.

  1. Run CrossOver for Chrome OS.
  2. In the Search Applications field, start by entering the name of the required program. CrossOver suggests names. Click on the correct installation to start.
  3. According to the program, CrossOver will now search online for the right files to install them.
  4. Perform the installation as with any Windows program.
  5. Do not change the destination folder! You’re right, Chrome OS has nothing to do with C:\Program Files\Paint.NET, but keep it as is. Changing the destination folder regularly causes errors in CrossOver.
  6. You will finally see that the installation is finished once the whole process is finished. Do not start the program yet, although a prompt appears.

Although running Windows on MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS or Android is not an exact science, there are a number of good options that you can use depending on your needs and budget. No matter what option you consider, there will be trade-offs.

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