How to Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is able to cope with the tsunami thanks to the alerts you receive daily. So, you can check for updates without being sucked into your iPhone.

Although this is one of the simplest features of Smartwatch, there is a lot to understand. It’s helpful to understand how to set up, manage, mute and delete Apple Watch notifications.

By default, your Apple Watch is set to reflect the stream going to your iOS device – below we explain how to customize and take control of them.

And if your Apple Watch notifications don’t arrive, we’ll provide you with a checklist of possible solutions.

How to hide Apple Watch notifications

By default, Apple Watch’s notification settings match those found on the iPhone. In other words: If you need to receive an alert on the iPhone, you will also receive one on your Apple Watch. In this case, if you are not actively using your iPhone, the notifications will appear on your watch. You can hide these notifications so that they don’t constantly harass you.

  • Open the Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Tap the My Watch tab.
  • Tap notifications.
  • Tap the View Notifications button to turn it off.
  • Tap the notification protection button to turn it on.

If it’s not enabled, you won’t see a red dot on your Apple Watch screen to indicate that you need to view notifications. When notification protection is enabled, you will not see pop-ups on your watch. You will still receive notifications on your Apple Watch, but you won’t notice them. You can always drag your slider at the top of the Apple Watch screen to see your notifications.

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Turn on silent mode

The first step in managing notifications is to know how to switch to silent mode and vice versa. You can simply slide your finger up from the clock face (or press the bottom of the screen and then slide your finger up from an application) to access the control center. Tap the bell icon to switch to silent mode.

Alarms and timers will silently warn you with haptic feedback when you wear your watch or ring loudly when you charge.

You can also hold your hand over the watch dial to silence an incoming alarm, then pause until you feel a buzzing sound to put your watch in silent mode.

Want the alarms to be a little quieter? Click on the Digital Crown, then go to the Settings application (gear icon) and search for Sounds & Haptics. From there you can adjust the volume of the alarms up and down or switch to silent mode like in the Control Center.

Keeping notifications private

If you raise your wrist to see an alert, you will see a short summary and a few seconds later all the details. Below is a description of how you can prevent all the details from appearing in the notification:

Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab.
Tap Notifications, and then tap Notification Protection.
When you receive an alert, tap it to see all the details.

Use Deliver Quietly feature for temporary peace of mind

The Delivery Quietly and Delivery Prominently function can be used as a quick way to get rid of an application on the consciousness for a while. Are you receiving too many notifications on WhatsApp, but don’t want to enable “Do Not Disturb” or go into the settings to completely disable notifications? Just drag to the left, press Manage and select the Delivery Quietly option. The next morning, select Delivery Prominently to return to the default setting.

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