5 Internet Explorer security tips and settings

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Internet Explorer is probably one of the most secure browsers on the market today. But how can we make Internet Explorer more secure? The browser is considered secure – by default – with functions such as intelligent screen filtering and location filtering. It has many security features. All you need is to make sure these features are enabled so you can surf safely. Here are some tips for saving Internet Explorer.

Secure Internet Explorer

Enable smart screen filter

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Make sure smart screen filter is enabled. When you install IE9 or later, Internet Explorer asks if you want to enable the Smart Screen Filter. If you have not yet activated the filter, you can do so via Internet Options -> Advanced tab.

    1. Open the Internet Options dialog box from the Tools menu (ALT+T)
    2. On the Advanced tab, locate Enable SmartScreen filter

under Settings.

    1. Click the checkbox if it is not already checked
    2. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Prevent websites from tracking location

One option might be the use of a proxy. However, not all powers of attorney are trustworthy. To enable the location filter, open the Internet options and select the Never allow sites to request your physical location check box on the Privacy tab. It gives you a little security. Other sites like Google will always find a way to track your location based on your IP address when you connect to those sites. The location filter in IE does not prevent them from tracking your position. However, you always get a little protection when it comes to malicious websites.

Internet Explorer security zones

Internet Explorer contains 4 predefined security zones : Internet, local intranet, trusted sites and restricted sites. To customize a security zone. Open Internet Explorer > Settings > Internet Options > Security tab. Here you can select the area and then individually select the security levels you want to define for these areas. See Internet Explorer Security Zone Management for more information.

Prevent third party cookies

It is difficult to use a website without being able to store third party cookies on your computer. It’s not that third party Internet cookies are always bad, but we are concerned about our privacy. To prevent the storage of third-party cookies:

  1. Open the Internet Options dialog box in the Tools menu (ALT+T) or in the Control Panel.
  2. Select the tab Privacy
  3. Under Settings, you see the default value of the cursor Medium. This setting is used to store third-party cookies when you visit certain websites. Since we do not want anything from third parties, we will change our attitude.
  4. Click the Advanced tab
  5. Select the Clear automatic cookie management check box.
  6. Under First Party Cookies, select Accept.
  7. Under Third Party Cookies, select Block.
  8. Clear the Always allow session cookies check box.
  9. Click OK
  10. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

This setting prevents websites from storing unwanted cookies on your computer.

Perform Internet Explorer security troubleshooting

It may also be a good idea to run Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Security Troubleshooter . It checks your Internet Explorer settings and makes recommendations. It enables IE pop-up blocker, enables phishing filter, enables Data Execution Prevention for IE, and resets IE security to recommended settings.

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