Internet of Things Risks – Security Issues

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The use of smart devices is increasing because you can control them from anywhere via your smartphone or laptop – the Internet. This means that your device or any other intelligent device is connected to the Internet and vulnerable to cyber attacks. The Internet of Things is basically the Internet that connects different types of devices, not just computers – something like the Skynet. You use your computer/table/smart phone to control connected devices.

Internet of Things Security

Another good example could be the fire alarm system. You will be notified on your mobile when the alarm goes off. You can connect to your video surveillance system using a smartphone or tablet to see how things are going at home and act accordingly. Or the alarm can be programmed to call the fire department directly.

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Dangers of the Internet of Things

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As almost everything is connected to the Internet, not only computers are in danger, but also your toaster. I read a comment somewhere that included a firewall for your toaster. You must take steps to secure everything you know is or will be connected to the Internet.

Each intelligent device or gadget must be secured in such a way that it is not easily accessible to hackers. In the case of the toaster, you can secure it with a password. The password must be strong again. Experts suggest different passwords for different devices. In my opinion, it will be difficult to remember passwords if you have connected your entire home to a main computer that controls central heating, fire alarm sensors and other devices via Bluetooth or other wireless technologies. The best method would be to use a good firewall for the entire collection. You can add a firewall to each individual device, but you can be sure that the mainframe firewall is good enough to protect your devices from hackers.

It is not about the future, but the present. It has been reported by Proofpoint Inc, a security company, that someone used household appliances to launch a spam attack against certain companies or individuals. According to Proof Point, approximately 750,000 emails were sent from devices distributed worldwide. This meant that hackers had total control over people’s intelligent devices and could use them for any purpose at any time. IoT Ransomware can also hijack your gadgets!

Take a look at this IoT safety information graph.

Secure objects on the Internet from objects

When they are on the Internet, they must be secured in the same way as your computers connected to the Internet. While ensuring that the mainframe is always up-to-date and patched, you should also see the options available with intelligent devices. Since the device is on the Internet, it must have an IP address. You can retrieve the IP address via the central computer and connect to computer chips on different devices. Check if there are other options such as a firewall. If it is, turn it on. Most devices such as routers, etc. have firewalls, but other consumer goods do not. That’s why you need a powerful firewall to make your entire network invisible on the Internet. This firewall must be connected to the main computer or mainframe, as you might call it, which controls all other devices.

You must also take care of the passwords provided with the devices. Usually they are 1234, 0000 or password and are therefore very easy to crack. Anyone can take control of the device if you do not change the password(s) for something stronger. Verify that the device supports passwords and, if necessary, assign a good password to it instead of leaving it at 1234.

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It seems too early to deal with security issues related to the Internet of Things, but abuse has started, as the Proof Point report shows. Understand this well: If he’s on the network, he can be hacked because he has his own address. Make sure that the devices are secured so that they do not penetrate you. What if someone hacks into your CCTV system and watches you? The possibility exists and, therefore, you must be ready.

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