Tips for keeping windows in good working order

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Who doesn’t want to keep their Windows PC in good condition? Everyone wants a fast, smooth and optimized computing experience, and a Windows 10 computer can offer it to you. However, there are certain tasks that you must perform regularly to keep your Windows 10 system in good working order.

Keep your Windows PC in good condition

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1] Set a time to clean unnecessary files on your PC . Depending on your computer usage, you may choose to do this weekly or monthly. On that day, use your built-in disk cleaner and clean up your unnecessary files.

Unnecessary files are files that remain on your computer after a task has been completed. Sometimes Windows or another program needs to create temporary files when running a task and then forgets to delete the created temporary files. Over time, your computer is filled with unnecessary files in the form of temporary files, log files, downloaded files and unwanted entries in the Windows registry.

Although the disk cleaner does a good job, some of you may prefer to use a free third-party file cleaner such as CCleaner.

2] Then there is the question of Registry entries. Not a few say they do not clean the registry, but many do. I do it! Before you make your decision, you may want to know if registry cleaners are good or bad. Microsoft generally does not support Registry Cleaners on Windows.

Although Windows Rot is a thing of the past, it is a fact that Windows OS leaves multiple orphaned registry entries – especially if you uninstall programs, and a good secure and free registry cleaner like CCleaner can help you.

Your Windows PC will not run any faster with a registry cleaner or disk cleaner. It is only a matter of good financial management that you should follow.

3] From time to time, open your Control Panel, then the applet Uninstall Programs. Check all installed software. Did you install them all or do you have something new? If you have any doubts about any of them, search for them by name on the Internet. Some of them may be potentially unwanted programs that have entered your computer without your knowledge. Uninstall unwanted programs!

If you need to install and try a new program, first create a system restore point, then install the program. See if you want to keep it. If this is not the case, uninstall it and return to the created system restore point. Practical if you do it in one day. This way, you don’t have any program waste on your system.

4] You should also check the programs that start by themselves each time Windows starts. You must limit the number of start-ups. Why start programs when you don’t use them. You can also start the ones you need manually at any time by clicking on the program icon. Personally, I prefer not to have launches – except for my antivirus software. Decide for yourself which ones you really need each time you start Windows. You can use msconfig in Windows or Task Manager to manage boot programs. You can also delay starting programs or control the order in which they load when Windows starts.

5] If you bought a new Windows computer, you really need to exorcise it from all Crapware, which is unfortunately installed on OEM machines, thanks to its manufacturer – all for a few quick dollars.

Most users usually accept it as part of the Windows operating system and curse the operating system because it is so boring and slow. N new users who buy such a computer are usually flooded with pop-ups every time they turn it on. Expecting a pleasant experience, they have a bad taste in their mouths when they find their new Windows PC the machine runs slowly, freezes or crashes often.

So take some free crapware removal tools to remove crapware, the first thing you buy a new machine.

6] You had to defrag the disk manually to improve performance. But now you don’t need it anymore. First of all, the read and write speeds of the hard disk are really good and file stacking can only make a marginal difference, and the processors are now more powerful. Windows 10 includes an improved defragmentation tool that does all of this

The defragmenter works as a low priority background task without affecting your computer’s performance. It only works in slow motion! It uses the task scheduler to automatically defragment the hard disk. However, the defragmentation tool only defragments files smaller than 64 MB, because according to Microsoft benchmarks, fragments of this size, which already consist of at least 16,000 contiguous clusters, have a negligible influence on performance. Some of you, especially players, should therefore consider using free third-party defragmentation software.

7] It is a good practice to check your hard disk for errors using a Windows built-in tool called CHKDSK or Check Disk. In Windows 10, Microsoft redesigned the chkdsk utility. The drive is regularly checked for file system errors, failed sectors, lost clusters, etc. during automatic maintenance, and you no longer really need to run it when using Windows 10.

8] Finally, you should keep your Windows operating system, antivirus software, browser and other installed software up to date . You must also wipe your appliance outdoors and keep it clean and dust-free.

Do all this and you could have an optimized Windows computer on your hands that stays like new even after years of use.

Let us know what you are doing to keep your PC running smoothly.

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