LastPass Password Manager Review

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Your sensitive data.

I have highlighted the last sentence above because it raises doubts that someone (preferably from Lastpass) needs to clarify. If all encryption and decryption takes place on my computer, does it make my password vault vulnerable by leaving traces of its actions?

You must remember. Nothing’s 100% safe! A few years ago, the LastPass website suffered a security breach. Last year, a bug in LastPass Internet Explorer plugin revealed some users’ passwords.

Features of LastPass

Before I talk about Lastpass features, I would like to inform you that there are free and paid versions of Lastpass. This article is only about the free version of Lastpass, the cloud-based password manager.

My favorite feature is password capture. When you log in with a new website, Lastpass asks if you want to save the password. If you say yes, you will see a dialog box to save the credentials and whether you want to automatically fill them in or autologize them. If you have more than one account for a website, you can always store passwords separately on Lastpass. In other words, it supports multiple accounts for almost all types of websites. This helps a lot, but make sure you do not choose autologin (when registering the password) as it does not allow you to select which credentials to use. If you have already selected Autologin and cannot use other accounts, you can open Lastpass Vault and disable Autologin.

Another characteristic is that it can cover the entire application process. For banks and similar institutions, the registration procedures are somewhat different. You can use Lastpass to record all login processes so that you can log in automatically. Once you have the Lastpass account, I recommend you take a look at the tutorials to learn what you can do to facilitate your registration.

Load Pass also has a password generator. It automatically recognizes when you create a password and offers suggestions when you decide to do so. New passwords can be marked with symbols and numbers and you can also specify a size for them. Better yet, once you’ve saved it, you don’t have to remember it!

Finally, you can use Lastpass to import your passwords from other password managers. It supports a variety of formats, so you do not need to transfer data manually. Simply select Import and select the file from other password managers and all data will be imported without human intervention. Lastpass also allows data export if you want to switch to another password manager like RoboForm, etc.

Problems with LastPass

I did not find any problems with Lastpass, except that some pages cause problems when connecting automatically. Some pages have captured and there you must close the load dialog box after filling in the password. After closing the load pass dialog box, you can enter captured manually. As the captcha changes each time you connect, I don’t think there is a way to capture such connections.

The load pass holder is available on Twitter. They are @Lastpass and offer a quick response. The above load control is intended to help you select a cloud-based password manager. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Download LastPass

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You can download LastPass from its official website.

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