Lunascape Orion Browser and Get the power of 3 rendering engines in one

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Each browser has its own identity, its own specific rendering engine – except Lunascape Orion Browser, another free alternative browser for Windows. The simple and lightweight browser features triple engine technology that allows the user to switch between Trident (Internet Explorer), Webkit (Google Chrome) and Gecko (Firefox) engine.

If a link does not work or is only compatible with a specific browser type, such as Firefox, you do not need to end the current browser session and switch to another browser to reopen it. Just switch to the right engine to get the best Internet experience. It’s as simple as changing gears instead of changing cars and it saves a lot of work.

Lunascape Orion Browser Overview

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Lunascape is set to Trident (Internet Explorer) by default. You can switch to the mode of your choice by clicking on an icon in the lower left corner of your computer screen and selecting the desired option. See screenshot below.

The browser has a built-in mechanism that adjusts the engines to reach one of the fastest Java script speeds, just to help you load javascript-intensive applications like webmail services and social networking sites like Facebook faster.

If you wish, you can activate different engines in different tabs. The Browser Split Tab (Cascading View) provides views of the three render engines side by side in vertical and horizontal alignment.

To enter display mode, click the’Cascade View’ icon in the toolbar below.

The browser offers the possibility to modify its appearance via the Skin Center if necessary. Currently, about 200 user-defined skins are available. To do this, click on the quick menu and select’Edit Designs’, then’Optional Design Skins’.

Next, download the design of your choice and wait a bit.

Finally a message appears prompting you to restart the browser to fully apply the style. Click on’OK’. There you are!

To receive add-ons, click on the’Quick Menu’, which appears as a drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of your computer screen, then select’Add-Ons’,’Manage Add-Ons’. You will be directed to the Plug-In Center, from where you will receive add-ons to improve the functionality of the browser. He even encourages you to build Lunascape add-ons.

To change the Lunascape settings , click the STAR icon on the left. Then click on the’Settings’ drop-down arrow and select the’Advanced’ option. From there, you can configure your browser settings.

Although Lunascape is seen as lagging behind the growing range of web browsers, it has conquered much of the web browser market. The browser has been downloaded over 15 million times and is available in over 11 languages worldwide.

After the last stable version Lunascape 6, the browser seems to have been abandoned. The look and feel are almost identical to previous versions, but the bugs in RC3 (Release Candidate) and earlier versions have been completely fixed.

Download Lunascape Orion Browser

Download Lunascape. It requires 80.7 MB of available disk space. Be sure to select Custom Settings to avoid installing unwanted toolbars.

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