Microsoft Passport under Windows 10

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Microsoft Passport has existed for some time. It serves as central access to all Microsoft products such as, OneDrive, Messenger (during his lifetime), people, contacts and more. In Windows 10, Microsoft Passport replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication consisting of a registered device and a Windows Hello (biometric) or PIN. This article provides an overview of how Microsoft intends to use Microsoft Passport in Windows 10.

What is Microsoft Passport

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Overall, Microsoft Passport consists of 2 services – a single login service that allows members to log in with a single name and password and a wallet service that allows them to shop online quickly and easily.

Two-factor authentication in Microsoft Passport

Microsoft introduced two-factor authentication a few years ago when cybercriminals expanded their Internet activities. However, there have been some problems using two-factor authentication in its current state.

First enter the password and then receive a PIN that you must enter. When you are on the phone, this becomes a problem, especially when the phone memory is low. Also, in the current scenario, if you want to choose two-factor authentication, you must create different passwords for the different applications you use. You will even need to create an application password for the Microsoft Outlook email client and enter it instead of the real Microsoft password you use to connect via a web browser.

Windows Hello

We have already talked about the PIN. Users who want more protection can choose Windows Hi, which would be a kind of gesture you draw on the login screen to access the protected resources.

Windows Hi is the name Microsoft gave to Windows 10’s new biometric login system. Integrated directly into the operating system, Windows Hello allows face recognition or fingerprint recognition to unlock users’ devices. Authentication occurs when the user specifies their unique biometric identifier to access Microsoft Passport device specific credentials, which means that an attacker who steals the device cannot connect unless the attacker has the PIN code. The Windows Secure Credential Store protects biometric data on the device. Using Windows Hello to unlock a device allows the authorized user to access all Windows experiences, applications, data, websites and services, TechNet said.

Some of the current phones use certain types of gestures for the lock screen. You can see how Windows Hello would be different from the current locking screens, but Microsoft says it will be better than the current gestures on the locking screens and will provide more security. According to TechNet, the gesture is associated with the first step of two-factor authentication – the certificate that is awarded to you by Windows.

The first time takes longer because you need to get a certificate and then configure a PIN or Windows Hello code. Once all this is in place, you can access Microsoft products in the future by simply entering the PIN code or gesture of your choice. It is therefore no longer necessary to wait for a PIN code to arrive by SMS. Just draw the gesture and it’s good.

Microsoft Passport Requirements

Before you can use Microsoft Passport in your business, you must ensure that you meet the requirements.

Azure blue AD

Active Directory (AD) in the company


Azur AD/AD h ybridkey authenticationAzure AD subscription

Azure AD Directory Federation Service (AD FS) (Windows 10)Some Windows 10 domain controllers onsiteMicrosoft System Center 2012 R2 R2 Configuration Manager SP2

Certificate- based authenticationAzure AD subscriptionIntune or not. Microsoft Mobile Device Management (MDM) SolutionPKI InfrastructureADFS (Windows 10)Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Windows 10 SchemaPKI Infrastructure Configuration Manager SP2, Intune or non-Microsoft MDM solutionAzure AD SubscriptionPKI InfrastructureConfiguration Manager SP2, Intune, or not-Microsoft MDM solution

How Microsoft Passport works under Windows 10

As mentioned above, Microsoft Passport will be based on a certificate – an asymmetric key pair – to protect user data. The identity provider – the Microsoft account – creates a public key during the registration process and identifies it each time the user attempts to log in. If firmware is used instead of certificates, these must match: The presence of such firmware must be present and the cryptographic key stored on the firmware must match the key generated during registration.

This is the most difficult part. The certificate does not work on all devices because it is stored locally on the device, especially if it is a hardware certificate. It’s not even sent to the server. This may require users to go through the registration process for each individual device. However, the public key (PIN or gesture) can be used on different devices, which facilitates the work of users because they do not have to remember different PINs and gestures.

Overall, this new Windows 10 feature will certainly provide more convenience and security.

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