Start the orb engine: Move your Start button and Start menu to different positions in the taskbar

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For years, as long as can be remembered, on websites, in blogs, in forums, users have asked and discussed how to move the starting orb – but without much success. There were tools to change Start Orbs or to change Start Button tooltips or to delete Start Buttons… but none to move the Start button or Start menu to another location.

Start Orb Mover

Customization and Tweaking Enthusiasts – we introduce you our new freeware : Start Orb Mover Orb Mover Our developer TWC Lee Whittington has been working on it for a year with little luck – until now! This portable freeware now allows you to move the Start button and Start menu to the middle of the taskbar or the bottom right, depending on where the taskbar is located.

Use Start Orb Mover to move or move your Start button and Start menu to any position on the taskbar. A click on the moved starting orb opens the Start menu, linked to the position of the starting orb.

Start Orb Mover also gives users a quick way to change tasks such as Start Orb, restart Explorer, open an administrative command prompt, close Explorer, open Explorer, open Explorer, open the Start menu and taskbar properties, hide the taskbar or change the position of Start Orb, simply by right-clicking on Start Orb.

Start Orb Mover properties :

      • Move Start Orb Center or RightBottom
      • Start Ball Changer
      • ShowHide the taskbar
      • Start MenuTaskbar Properties
      • Close Explorer
      • Open Explorer like the default Start menu
      • Restart Explorer
      • Open administrative prompt
      • Load on startup.

Start Orb Mover is a work in progress and there are a few things to consider before using the tool:

      1. The notification area orientation when Start Orb is set to RightBottom is set this way because the notification area can be resized when multiple applications with notification icons are open.
      2. Do not change the position of the taskbar during Orb Mover operation, as this will prevent the system from being updated in a way that will align the starting orb with the change. If you move the taskbar while the Orb Mover is running, simply change the Start Orb position and it will be set again correctly.
      3. When you open the Start menu and scroll through the right menu items, it sometimes leaves an odd color tone. This seems to happen because the Start menu must be opened in a position for which it is not intended. The developer works on a solution and the application is updated when a patch is found.
      4. When you click on the Start menu and close the Start menu, the sphere appears in the background in the default position. Click or drag the mouse over the Orb Mover to solve this problem.

Start Orb Mover free download

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Start Orb Mover v1 has been tested on Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Remember that it is always a good idea to create a system restore point before making changes to your system.

If you want to give your opinion or report errors, you can do so in the TWC forums.

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