Basic Rounded Navigation Bar


In this tutorial i will create a Navigation bar with round corners.

Step 1

Create a new Document 648 x 115 px.

Step 2

Go to Layer > New Layer, and Click OK

Step 3

Now with the Marquee Square tool (R) make a rectangle like this:

Step 4

Go to Select > Rounded Rectangle .. Radius 30%. Click OK

Step 5

With the Fill tool (Shift + B) . Paint the selection White.

Step 6

Now go to Layer > New Layer .. OK

Step 7

Go to Select > Shrink > 3 .. OK

Step 8

Change the Foreground color to: #F0B259 and the Background to: #F87811.

Step 9

With the Gradient Tool (L) Drag it from the top to the bottom of the selection. Go to Select > None. It should look like:

Step 10

Now to Select the 1st layer. the one with the white rectangle. Go to Script – Fu > Shadow > Drop-Shadow. Select:

Click OK. You should have:

Step 11

With the Text Tool (T). Create a new Layer, and type: Home. Click OK

Change your settings to.Font > Verdana, Size > 25, Color > White:

Looks like:

Step 12

Create a New Layer (Layer > New Layer > OK)

Step 13

Create a 2 Pixel Line like this:

Step 14

Change your color to White, and with the Fill tool (shift +b) Paint on the line:

Step 15

. Adjust the opacity of the line to 17.

Step 16

Duplicate the lines and space them out between each button then finaly add your text.

That’s it your done 🙂