Nokia and Microsoft Alliance all ready to dominate the mobile market

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Microsoft and Nokia have recently been the subject of lively debate. And finally, a few days ago, in an official press release announcing the dust deposited and Microsoft and Nokia, announced their two-year alliance to deliver a brand new range of products.

This new alliance will certainly not be good news for Google and Apple, as Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer and Microsoft is working with it to bring Windows Phone 7 OS to market.

Microsoft and Nokia have seen the great economic value of marriage, but the greatest uncertainty is the rapid change in the mobile world. Is Nokia, which is addicted or can we say has never worked except Symbian OS, will be able to run with two years transition required for Windows Phone 7?

Today, Nokia and Microsoft are in the smartphone market, but Nokia lacks a new innovative approach that can bring a new sensation to its smartphone and Microsoft is looking for a soul mate well established in the mobile market. Thus, in this alliance, Windows Phone7 and the ecosystem application will be at the center of cooperation. It is certain that the Nokia device will be the next version of Windows phone 7 i.e. 7.5, code name’Mango’, which will have important feature updates and bug fixes.

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Here is my perspective on the benefits for both parties:

Benefits for Nokia : According to The New York Times, which reports that Nokia spent hundreds of millions of dollars on technical support and marketing. There is no doubt that Microsoft gave Nokia a good price.

Nokia has been able to streamline its heavy corporate structure, Nokia CEO Sidifenai Roper (Stephen Elop) said on Friday that this agreement will reduce costs, layoffs and reintegration into the future. Reuters stressed that Nokia may have to cut thousands of jobs.

Nokia can find an alternative to its Symbian OS with this agreement and can also help reduce the software development cost of the mobile phone manufacturer.

Benefits for Microsoft : Microsoft should promote its Windows Phone 7 operating system. This agreement could weaken the mobile operating system giant Google Android in the domination of mobile applications.

Microsoft certainly does not care about making money in the short term with this agreement – the ultimate goal is to spread the Windows Phone 7 market and its applications. Nokia Ovi Store has nearly 4 million downloads per day and Microsoft will benefit to a greater extent from the availability of WP 7 applications in the Ovi Store.

Conclusion : This case may end Nokia’s search for a new operating system for its smartphones, or if the case goes well and both companies see the future, then we can see powerful smartphones that can make real magic.

I think people will love buying a new Nokia with Microsoft Windows Phone 7. I’m also looking forward to getting a Nokia WP7 smartphone!

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