Password Gorilla: A free password manager for Windows 7

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Are you just confused remembering your passwords from your different accounts and want to store them in one place? Then you are in the right place, because this article would tell you about a free password manager, Password Gorilla. This small 1.7 MB application is a stand-alone and portable tool that allows you to easily take your passwords with you.

Features in brief:

  • Password Gorilla stores all your user names and passwords, as well as login information and other notes, in a securely encrypted file.
  • Only one master password is used to protect the file. This way, you only have to memorize the individual master password.
  • When you connect to a service or website, Password Gorilla copies your user name and password to the clipboard so that you can easily paste it into your web browser or other application.
  • An integrated random password generator can provide single-use passwords that can be adapted to the policies of different departments.

How to use Password Gorilla

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After downloading the tool, click it to open it. You will see the following window.

Password Gorilla stores your passwords in a database created by it, the file type is’file’, which means that it is a system file and can be opened without Password Gorilla. When you use it for the first time, you must create a new database by giving it a database name, entering a password and clicking New.

In the windows that open, enter the database master password again and click OK. Your database is ready.

A new window opens. Using the available menu options, you can click Add Connection to add new credentials that you want to keep safe in Password Gorilla. You can add as many logins as you want.

You can also lock your database if you no longer wish to modify it. In the Settings menu, you can select the lock period, which means that your database will automatically lock after the time you specify. You can also enable the automatic save function so you don’t have to save it from time to time – the database updates automatically.

You can also export information from your database to a text file from the File menu, but remember that the created text file is not encrypted and that anyone can access this text file.

I recommend that you make a copy of the database file and keep it in another safe place. It can also generate different passwords that are difficult to remember but can be good for your security problems

This program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and can be downloaded here.

Here you will find tips for creating secure passwords.

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