PNG vs. JPG vs. GIF vs. GIF vs. GIF vs. BMP vs. TIF : Explanation of image file formats

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We all upload images or make memes to make them available in social media by the way or for professional work. However, since conversion to PDF solves quality problems, we do not need to process image file formats. But what’s wrong with knowing which image file formats are best suited for what purpose? This article covers the following image file formats and tells you which image format is suitable for which occasions:

  2. PNG
  4. GIF
  5. GIF
  6. BMP.

PNG vs JPG vs GIF vs BMP vs TIF

We’ve all heard about most of these file formats, and many of us know exactly when to use them, but many others don’t use them. So, here’s a little tutorial.

Raster vs Vector

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Before entering the five selected file formats, it is good to know that there are two main graphic families, Raster and Vector, and that all the image file formats listed below belong to the Raster family. Graphics Grid consist of pixels, while graphics Vector consist of paths. Even when you talk about BITMAP, you mean Grid.

Lossy or lossless compression

Here too, image file formats can be distinguished according to compression effects:

      1. Lost compression: It can compress images very efficiently, but since it does not encode all the information, it will not be an exact representation of the original when it is restored as an image. They are generally suitable for photos, but not for drawings or illustrations.
      2. Lossless compression: It encrypts all information in the original and remains an exact representation of the original when decompressed.

The Uncompressed file format takes most data and is the exact representation of the image.


full form : Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Extension :.jpg/.jpeg

The most common image file format in which digital cameras store their images. JPEG files use lossy compression, which can help reduce file size significantly without compromising quality. This is the default format for Microsoft Paint files.

Cons : This format is not immune to generation degradation. This means that the image quality deteriorates each time the image is edited and saved again.

Application : Still images, image storage, light and dark images.

PNG image format

full form : Portable Network Graphics

Extension :.png

This free open source alternative to GIF offers 16 million colors. This is the best file format for true color images that require perfect tonal balance. The PNG animated file format is available in APNG format. These files have a transparent background.

Cons : Works better with larger files. The PNG format itself does not support animated graphics.

Application : Edit images, web images, images with layers, like transparency or fade effects. It creates user-friendly images for the Web.

TIF file extension

Full form : Tagged Image File Format.

Extension : .tif/.tiff

Flexible and easily extensible file format that can handle device specific color spaces. These files have a transparent background. They are ideal for company logos.

Cons : Not ideal for web browsers.

Application : Standard photo file in print. OCR software package.

GIF file format

full shape : graphic exchange format

extension :.gif

Although this format has a lower compression ratio than most video formats, it is the most common image animation format.

Cons : Limited to the 8-bit palette (256 colors), not suitable for photographic images or hesitation.

Application : Graphics that require only a few colors, for example simplified diagrams, logos and animations that contain large parts of a color.

BMP image file format

Full form : represents Bitmap

Extension : .bmp

These large uncompressed files are associated with graphics files in the Windows operating system.

Cons : This format is lossless, i.e. it cannot be compressed.

Application : Their simple design makes them ideal for Windows programs.

These are the most common image file formats we use. Now that you know what is ideal for what purpose, you can better manage your image files.

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