How best to protect your privacy on the Internet – A comprehensive guide

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Most of us think of a proxy server when it comes to protecting our identity on the Internet. But is that enough? I don’t think that’s the case. There are two reasons why I think using a proxy alone may not be able to protect your privacy on the Internet.

The first reason is that most websites now use technology that shares the information you use. Only new proxies are able to reveal that your new IP address is real, while most of these tools are detected, allowing websites to penetrate a little deeper into your computer to discover your identity.

The second reason extends to the first reason. I said that after I discovered that you use a proxy tool to access it, the website starts looking for browser-independent cookies. These are essentially Flash cookies. Normal computer waste cleaners simply cannot detect them and are therefore not easy to remove when you start the waste cleaner.

Browser-independent cookies fail Proxies

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Since this article deals with the protection of your privacy on the Internet, we will not study cookie formats in depth. In short, normal cookies are small and can be easily deleted with most system cleaners. I use CCleaner for this purpose, but you can use anyone.

The problem with Flash cookies is that they are slightly larger than normal cookies and are therefore overlooked by computer waste cleaners. You need special programs to clean them, or you can do it manually. Read my browser independent cookie research to get complete information about cookies that can share information even if you use a proxy. Although your IP address is changed when you use a proxy, a glance at browser-independent cookies (flash cookies) allows the chat to exit the bag. In addition to using a proxy, you only need a few additional steps.

Protect your privacy on the Internet

Factors to consider

For average users, privacy is not a big issue just because they don’t know the spies that follow them on the Internet – Facebook, Google, Internet marketing programs and other websites. Basically, although it seems that spying is so good that ads based on your surfing habits are offered to you, it’s not really good. It’s always better to be sure than to apologize.

After much research, I came to the conclusion that two factors must be taken into account to remain private on the Internet. Here they come:

  1. Delete all types of cookies and
  2. Use a VPN proxy

You can use CCleaner, Comodo System Cleaner or other cleaning programs for normal cookies.

To delete Flash cookies at each startup, I recommend to execute a command at startup. In the autoexec.bat file located in your system drive, just add the following line and save it. You must select Display hidden files and folders under Folder options to see autoexec.bat. To open the file to add the Flash cookie deletion command, right-click the file and choose Edit. Add the following without quotation marks:

'C:' CD'CD Ž LED *.SOL /S'

The above ensures that all Flash cookies on your system disk are deleted each time your computer starts. If you do not want the autoexec.bat file or if your copy of Windows bypasses the autoexec.bat file, you can use AutoStarterX to create a custom batch file. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to help you.

The next factor is a good proxy with VPN that can encrypt your data as it passes through different gateways and servers on the Internet. I have tested many free VPN systems over the past year and found SpotFlux to be the best. It does not slow down your computer like many other VPNs with encryption capabilities. It also provides a secure channel between your computer and the server you are accessing.

I’m still researching the VPNs available on the market and I’ve checked things like Jumpto, EPIC, UltraSurf, etc. I’m still working on the VPNs available on the market. If you have used or know of other free VPN services, please let me know so I can compare them to SpotFlux.

You can also try privacy tools such as Ghostery, PrivacyFix and Web Shield.

Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe I’m just being careful. In all cases, I share what I do to protect my privacy on the Internet. Please tell us what measures you are taking to protect your privacy on the Internet.

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