Puran Utilities : Freeware Optimization Suite for Windows 10/8/7

Updated March 2023: Stop getting error messages and slow down your system with our optimization tool. Get it now at this link
  1. Download and install the repair tool here.
  2. Let it scan your computer.
  3. The tool will then repair your computer.

There is no shortage of free Windows Optimizers, Registry Cleaners & Junk Cleaners for the Windows operating system. Many of these optimization suites are very popular with Windows users because everyone wants our Windows PCs to work under optimal conditions.

I knew Puran Defrag, which can defragment MFT files, page files, registry files and system files and is a good defragmentation tool for Windows. I had been using it on Windows 7 for some time. Knowing this, I decided to test their recently released freeware Puran Utilities.

Puran Utilities is a set of over 25 software tools, including Puran Defrag, that will help you get the best performance from your Windows PC. It also offers an automatic solution and a 1-click solution, so you don’t have to waste time running each tool individually. Once you have configured your settings, all you have to do is run the solution in 1 click to accomplish all the tasks.

Puran Utilities includes many tools like Junk File Remover, Register Defragger, Registry Cleaner, Uninstaller, Disk Checker, Startup Manager, Empty Folders identifier, broken shortcuts cleaner, duplicate file finder, secure deleter, data recovery tool and more.

March 2023 Update:

You can now prevent PC problems by using this tool, such as protecting you against file loss and malware. Additionally it is a great way to optimize your computer for maximum performance. The program fixes common errors that might occur on Windows systems with ease - no need for hours of troubleshooting when you have the perfect solution at your fingertips:

  • Step 1 : Download PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to find Windows registry issues that could be causing PC problems.
  • Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to fix all issues.


Let’s check what it contains:

      • File splitter: It allows you to drop any file into files of a certain size.
      • PC minimum on your computer with a click.
      • Uninstaller: helps you uninstall software you don’t need and software you can’t uninstall otherwise.
      • Disk Cleaner : helps you find and delete unnecessary files from your computer. It is also very adaptable.
      • Clear History: Helps you clear history and other data from various applications, including web browsers.
      • Delete empty folders : Helps you delete empty folders from your system. It’s extremely fast.
      • Fix broken shortcuts : Helps you automatically correct or delete broken shortcuts.
      • Registry Cleaner: Helps you clean the Windows registry for better performance.
      • Registry Defrag : helps you defragment and compress the Windows registry.
      • Service Manager Windows Services. It supports your decision in various forms.
      • Disk Defrag : helps you automatically defragment and optimize your disks.
      • Disk Verifier.
      • Duplicate File Finder: Helps you find duplicate files on your computer. It is highly customizable and extremely fast.
      • Permanent Deleter: Helps you to permanently delete your files so that they cannot be restored by any software.
      • Wipe Disk: Helps you to erase the entire disk or only the free space so that no files can be recovered from it.
      • Data Recovery: Helps you recover data from your damaged media such as DVD, VCD, BLU Rays, etc….
      • Disk Files: Helps you view details of file distribution on your computer. It’s very adaptable.
      • Startup Manager Windows boot items. It supports your decision in different forms.
      • Shutdown Timer: helps you to schedule different shutdown tasks. Many planning options are available.
      • Gaming PC Module from your computer.
      • The Maintenance Wizard prompts you to restart your computer, then simply restart it and open the Maintenance Wizard and go to the step you left.

Batch Fix helps you keep your system automatically clean and error-free by running selected utilities. You can use the Batch correction function to execute several of these tools one after the other. You can even configure the tasks you want to perform using the Configure button.

Instead of downloading multiple programs to perform these tasks, if you are looking for integrated all-in-one software to do everything, downloading Puran Utilities may be an option you may want to consider. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and also offers native support for 64-bit Windows.

Expert Tip: This repair tool scans the repositories and replaces corrupt or missing files if none of these methods have worked. It works well in most cases where the problem is due to system corruption. This tool will also optimize your system to maximize performance. It can be downloaded by Clicking Here