Repair Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) High CPU Usage

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Runtime Broker is a Windows process in the Task Manager that supports permission management on your PC for Microsoft Store applications. This should only take a few megabytes of disk space, but in some cases, a faulty application may require up to one gigabyte or more of RAM in Runtime Broker.

If your RAM consumption is high in Chrome and your PC is running slowly, an application may be the cause of the problem. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager, then check the Process tab to see how much Runtime Broker memory is used. If it consumes more than 15% of your memory, you probably have a problem with an application on your PC.

If Runtime Broker runs in the background, it normally consumes 0% of your CPU. If you start a Universal application, this usage should increase to 25-30% for a short period of time, then calm down again. This is normal behaviour. If you notice that Runtime Broker constantly consumes 30% or more of your CPU, shows higher than expected memory usage, or increases usage even if you do not have a Universal application running, there are some possible explanations.

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Can I disable it?

No, you cannot disable Runtime Broker. And you shouldn’t either. It is important to protect your security and privacy when running universal applications. It’s also very easy if it works correctly, so there’s not much reason to disable it. If you think it behaves incorrectly, you can stop the Runtime Broker process at any time by right-clicking in the Task Manager and selecting Stop Task.

Runtime Broker High CPU Usage Error in Windows 10 Fix

Uninstall applications that use Runtime Broker.

If you have a lot of images stored on your computer, Photos will try to index them all for later use. This may cause the error to be displayed by your computer.

1. type’PowerShell’ or paste it into the Windows search box and open it as an administrator.
2. type or paste’Get-AppxPackage *Photos* | Remove-AppxPackage’. This will uninstall the Windows Photo application from your computer.
Monitor CPU usage to determine if it is working.

Chances are that the high CPU usage error will disappear when you delete this application.

Stop the Runtime Broker.

Depending on the users, you can sometimes easily solve the Runtime Broker problem with high CPU usage by terminating the Runtime Broker process. It’s very easy to do and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Open the Task Manager. You can do this quickly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Now locate the Runtime Broker process in the list. Right-click on it and select Finish Task from the menu.

Disable “Show tips on Windows” in Windows 10.

You can solve this problem and prevent RuntimeBroker.exe from consuming too many resources from your PC by disabling “Show me tips about Windows” in the settings.

  • First, open the Windows 10 settings by pressing Windows + R.
  • Then select System, then Notifications and actions from the left sidebar.
  • Finally, deselect the “Show me tips on Windows” option.

Clean up the jungle of your system with Disk Cleanup.

If you use your computer regularly and for a long time, many unnecessary files will accumulate in your system. If this junk is not cleaned regularly, it can slow down your CPU and reduce its overall performance.

Cleaning up unnecessary files on your computer can not only fix the runtimebroker.exe error, but also significantly accelerate the performance of your CPU.


RuntimeBroker.exe is a secure Microsoft process included in Windows 8 and Windows 10 to help you with application permissions. It has a low system complexity and consumes less than 3,000 k RAM. You will not see the performance of this process running in the background. This process should be left open unless you are looking for a quick way to stop all your applications.

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