rrLookup – Free DNS Lookup Tool

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Free DNS Lookup


Example : domain.com, http://www.domain.com, www.domain.com

Note: This tool may take upto 15seconds to display the lookup results.
Please be patient during that time.

rrLookup is an easy to use tool to perform dns lookups retrieving website ip address, dns nameservers and mail server information and more.. It requires no knowledge of working knowledge DNS concepts and it is free to use. The name rrLookup came from “RR” usually denotes Resource Records of DNS.

A Record Maps hostnames to ip address.
NS Record Maps corresponding nameservers for a particular domain.
MX Record Maps domains mail exchanger to a list of mail servers.
SOA Service of Authority (SOA) record which shows the authoritative nameserver information.
PTR Maps reverse IP address for hostname
CNAME Aliases or subdomain names placed under this record. Ex: ftp.domain.com
TXT (for SPF entry) SPF(sender policy framework) placed under TXT to prevent spam.