Secure software download pages – Beware of misleading download links and PUPs

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Windows Tweaker for Windows 7, via the CNET Installer.

During installation, I was offered Save Sense, Outobox and Mobogenie. Outobox is an Adware straight and straight, and my security software recognized it immediately. Actually, CNET had pushed an adware on my compute. Here is another example of Brothersoft sliding the same way as their Brothersoft downloader . Now tell me which download link a normal user will support. The green button placed oh-so-so-strategically? Most likely, yes. But it’s advertising, and most of us can’t do much about it. If you click on the links 1 & 2 servers, you will still not receive any UWT. Instead, you will receive Brothersoft downloaders that run more or less the same task, i.e. they run potentially unwanted programs.

Crapware pushed by Brothersoft Downloader

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Brothersoft Downloader installed Search Protect, WinZip Drive Updater and changed my browser settings when I clicked the download link on our Ultimate Windows Tweaker. My WinPatrol went crazy and warned me about changes to my system. But I had activated TimeFreeze before the installation, so I was sure I would restore my cleanliness when I restarted.

For the SourceForge page, which has already been viewed and wants to be downloaded, this is not very different. The SourceForge Installer offered to install WinZip Registry Optimizer and WinZip Driver Updater when I wanted to install FileZilla. I want to make it clear that we do not make money from such downloads. We don’t believe in selling shit. Some developers may have such a commitment and perhaps some sort of agreement with these download sites, but me or my site doesn’t, and we have no understanding of those revenue shares. As developers, we will write to all these download sites asking them to offer our 75+ freeware without downloaders or installers and to exclude our freeware from downloading installers and hope that they will comply with our requests and do so soon.

I have no problem with the way everyone wants to make money. My concern is that our own freeware hosted by them is monetized by them to earn money while the freeware or developer is accused of pushing Crapware.

Secure software download pages

Then we come to the question – what are the secure software download pages? Well, if I need to download a freeware today, I usually prefer to download it from the developer’s website. This ensures that I also have the latest version. But if I need to visit a download page, I prefer and trust the following :

  •[See this]
  • (14)
  • fileforum.betanews. com

If freeware contains bundled software, some of them mark it as bundled or ad supported or something like bundled or something else. At least they don’t add anything to the freeware.

I’m sure there may be some cleaner download pages. If you know of other secure software download sites, please share them with us in comments for the benefit of others. I am open to updating this list of secure software download pages.

Do not blindly click Next Next

Before I finish, I want to say a few words. Please create a system restore point before installing new software. Pay attention to this during installation. Don’t trust the word’free’. Do not simply click Next. Even the official installer of legitimate software like Java contains offers from third parties! Decide where you can complete the installation if you cannot. Therefore, care must be taken during installation!

Do you remember the saying’Look before you jump’? Now I would say -‘Think before you blindly click on a download link’!


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