Shutdown Computer After Downloads Complete in Chrome, Edge and Opera

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I’m used to downloading large files at night. Not only the speed is better, but I can also provide full bandwidth for downloads. The only caveat, however, is that the computer will continue to run afterwards. So here’s a browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox that will automatically shut down your Windows 10 PC once downloads are complete.

Auto Shutdown Extension for Chrome, Edge & Firefox

After installation, you must make the following settings:

  • The delay before the command is executed gives you enough time to cancel the shutdown. You must execute “Shutdown -a” to cancel the shutdown.
  • The types of commands it can execute are Shutdown Suspend, Hibernate, Restart, etc. It can also
    Enable the option to keep the stop counter in view. At no time will you miss the download counter.
  • Leave this box checked – Keep the system awake when the toolbar is active and a download task is in progress. This ensures that the computer does not fall asleep or hibernate.
  • Once the options are set, click “Test Native Integration” to configure the software. A new tab will open and provide you with the link to download the file. Unzip the file and double-click on the install.bat file. Keep it in a place you will remember in case you need it again for uninstallation.

The script (install.bat) will take the necessary precautions to run the command when the download is complete. If you no longer use the extension, run the uninstall.bat file to remove it.

The only drawback is that you cannot run a custom script. But since it allows you to modify existing commands, you can run almost any command after the download is complete.

The stop counter that is displayed has the option to run the command immediately or to cancel it. That’s why the delay is useful.

Download this extension for Firefox & Chrome & Edge that allows you to shut down your Windows 10 PC once the download is complete.

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How to Shutdown your PC after the Download Complete in Edge & Opera

Edge and Opera are excellent browsers, but I couldn’t find an extension or native option for them to close the browsers when all downloads are complete. So I’m going to use a third party tool for that. This tool will actually assume that all downloads are probably finished and shut down the PC. The way it will guess is that it will monitor network activity for a period of time, and if it detects negligible network activity for several minutes, it will assume that the downloads are probably finished and shut down the PC. Of course, this is not very accurate, but it’s as good as it gets.

The software I will use for this is Win AmpOFF. It can shut down your PC if there is no network activity for a while.

It’s pretty easy to use this freeware. It can shut down the PC after a fixed time interval, at a certain date/time, when there is no mouse/keyboard input or no Internet activity such as downloading. In addition, you can also run a specific program just before shutting down or take a screenshot just before the PC shuts down.

Just run this program and specify the shutdown criteria and time, and you can select other options such as Restart, Hibernate and Sleep.

As we want to shut down the PC when all downloads are completed, we select the Network Transfer option and click Enabled. You can then choose to monitor either the download or the combined transfer. You can choose the “Combined transfer” option, but it’s not a good idea if you’re using torrent software (because the torrent software will continue to download files to other downloaders even after your own download process is complete). It would therefore be best to select “Transfer in”. Then enter the network speed at which the download is supposed to be completed (3KB/s in the screenshot above) and the time for which the speed should stay below that (5 min. in the screenshot above). So in our case, if the network transfer rate is constantly below 3KB/s for 5 minutes, this software assumes that all downloads are completed and turns off the PC. Of course, this method is not limited to shutting down the PC when downloads in Edge or Opera are finished, but can also be used for other browsers such as Safari, UC Browser, etc.

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