Split and Join Files with Split Byte, a free splitter and joiner software

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It sometimes takes almost an age to transfer a large file to our friends, colleagues or a boss. An effective method is to split the original file into several small parts and then send it as an email attachment. To do this, we need a program that breaks down the data into small, practical pieces. Split Byte is a freeware that allows you to do it easily.

Split Byte is a free and versatile program for Windows. The application can be used to split large files into smaller parts and assemble them later – so you can email them if there is a download size limit. Split parts can also be encrypted and password protected or compressed and sent by e-mail.

Split byte files

After downloading and installing the program, click the’Split’ tab and find the file you want to split. If desired, you can manually enter the path to a file in the File to split field. You can also move the large file by drag and drop.

Later, you must specify the destination folder of the shared parts. Press the’Browse’ button to select an output folder or enter the path manually in the appropriate drop-down list.

Then choose whether you want to divide the file into equal parts or an appropriate size of your choice. Remember to specify the reason for the output file name.

If you want to encrypt or compress the separate parts, specify it now. You can also choose whether the split documents should have the same date and time as the original application file.

To send the split parts, specify the e-mail account of the recipient and the text of the mail. Split Byte automatically sends split games to the recipient’s email address.

In addition, you can choose to automatically shut down the computer after a long splitting process ; sometimes the process can take some time for very large files.

Connect split files with split byte

To attach split files, select the second tab of the main window, i.e. the Attach tab. Then press the Browse button to select the first split part file and specify the output file name by pressing the Browse button or by typing in the Output File drop-down list. Configure other important options as well.

Also specify whether files to be connected should be explicitly specified in another screen.

Finally, specify whether to open Windows Explorer after the join process is complete, with the connected file preselected, and whether to shut down the computer automatically after a time-consuming join process is completed.

When everything is configured, press the’Attach’ button.

Check whether the splitting and joining process per splitting byte was successful

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Simply compare the MD5 checksums of the source file and the created join file. If both MD5 checksums are identical, this indicates that the files are the same and that the operation was successful.

Then press the’Browse’ button, select the first file, then press the other Browse button to specify the second file. Split Byte automatically compares the two MD5 checksums of the two files and informs you of the result of the comparison.

If you have problems downloading Split Byte, simply check your firewall settings or your download manager settings. And don’t try to open the link with the right mouse button.

Download: Split byte.

Note that this program may attempt to install another unwanted program, so you want to enable the Custom Settings option and disable the option to install the search proposal.

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